Frugal Crafts: Mason Jar Soap or Lotion Dispenser

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This has to be one of my favorite frugal crafts! So simple and easy to do – plus it is so stylish. There is something about Mason jars that I just love 🙂

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What You Need:

– Mason Jar – $.99 from Goodwill

– Pump – I used a old lotion bottle pump 🙂 FREE

– Drill

– Lotion or Soap ( To Fill Up The Bottle) – I used lotion from my stockpile

– Hot Glue Gun ( and glue)

What To Do

1) Clean Out Mason Jar

2) Drill a hole in the top of the Mason Jar — make sure the hole is big enough for the pump ( snug is the best)

3) Hot glue the Pump in place ( use  very little glue)

4) Fill up the jar with lotion or soap and screw in the top in place

5) Enjoy!

Cost : $2.50 filled with lotion

This craft was inspired by a lotion mason jar I saw at a friend’s house 😉