How to Make Hard Boiled eggs in the oven

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I have tried this method and it works!!!

I will be doing this tonight  – I tend to break eggs when I try and boil them 😉

Click the link below to find out how

MAKE “hard boiled” eggs in the oven!

Thanks! The Burlap Bag


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  • auntbea

    Oh yes !!! I did the eggs like you said except I Used My Toaster Oven It A XXLarge One I Got It Though Pillsbury Products I love it it cooks about everything the reason for it is that l am a Elderly with Bad Health Problems I can not bend over in the big oven thats whe My Husband got this Big Toaster Oven All Of You Would Really Like it keeps the house from getting real Hot in the Summer time saves on electric. Well I cooked the Eggs On 350 Degrees For 40 Minutes They came out very nice just a little brown spots after the ice bath l still take one egg at atime and rinse them to make sure that their is no shells. My Mother taught me this she said she went to a party once they had Devil Eggs she said that they had so many bits of egg shell on them that you didn`t dare eat one till this day it still sticks in my mind. May God Bless, auntbea