5 Strange But Amazing Uses For Potatoes

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5 Strange But Amazing Uses For Potatoes

What Did You Get On Your Hands? – If you have stains on your hands  ( especially from cooking like orange hands from cooking with carrots), simply use a peeled potato and rub your hands with the potato under cold water.

Broken Lightbulb – If there is a broken lightbulb simply cut a potato width-wise and place it over the broken bulk – twist and pull up.

No More Tarnish – Boil potatoes ( use them in a recipe ). Place the silverware in the water from boiling the potatoes and let it sit for an hour. Wash and the tarnish will be gone!

To Much Salt – If a soup becomes to salty. Cut up a potato and place in the soup for 10 minutes – they will absorb excess salt. They are still edible so you can use them in another recipe.

Need a cold or hot compress ( no problem) – Potatoes keep temperature VERY well which makes them perfect for compresses.

Need Hot – Boil a potato and wrap in a towel.

Need Cold – Freeze boiled potato and wrap in a towel.

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