Help !! What is Going On?!

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** First off I want to make it clear that I am not trying to attack any mail service rather I am kinda puzzled by something **

The same thing happened twice now.

USPS – I ordered something from Amazon and I got a tracking number. I tracked the package every couple of days and was excited to see that it was on the truck to be delivered. I was home all day. No Package. I checked the tracking number and it said it was delivered. I check the apartment office – nothing. I called the postal service and they said they would look into it.

The next day the package arrived – the postal service called to follow up. I asked why would the tracking be off by 30 hours? It said it was scanned and left at my front door ( when it actually arrived 30 hours later).

But I was happy 🙂


Fed Ex – I used Fed Ex to send back items from my Disney trip ( including swag from Brave I planned to giveaway on the site). Again I tracked the item. This time I sent it to my parent’s house, which is on a quiet street in Portland. You really do not get safer then their neighborhood plus I knew they were home. Two days ago I saw that it was on the truck for delivery. At 11 am it was said to of been delivered on the front steps. I called my mom that night only to learn NOTHING was left.

  So I called Fed – Ex. They said they had no idea where the package was. They asked the carrier and he said it was delivered. My awesome parents asked the neighbors… nothing. Fed – Ex said they were going to look into it. The next day Fed – Ex called me and said now the carrier said that he felt “uncomfortable” leaving the package on the door step – ( my parents were there the whole day and would of answered the door if it was knocked). No one can see the front door step from the street. Long story short the package arrived about 27 hours after the tracking number said it arrived.

2 out of 3 packages this whole tracking mess has happened to me.

Has it happened to you?

What do you think is going on?


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  • Amy

    A lot o times I have found that Fed Ex and UPS will ship the package from it’s origin (company, business, etc), yet when it gets to the buyers hometown, it is then transferred to the US postal service. This actually extends that “shipping time” of an order. I had it happen…very frustrating!

  • Heather L

    I’ve had it happen before, UPS scanned it before they even dropped it off, he still had it on his truck and was in the neighborhood but nowhere near me. Not quite as extreme as what happened to you. I’ve also had USPS pick up packages from someone and then never scanned them and the shipper was out the money and the orders because the postal service said we had no record of ever having them…

  • Regina Murphy

    I have had this happen to me several times but in my situation they never called back and I ended up contacting the company my package was coming from and they kindly reshipped … mind you I was home waiting and on one occasion my front door was open NOONE knocked … very frustrating..

  • Tracy D

    Delivery drivers can get in trouble if something is on their truck and no delivery attempt is made. So, they may scan it in and stick it in the back to deliver the next day… not supposed to but it does happen. Or it could have been a legitimate mistake on the USPS package. FedEx sounds like he just scanned it and didn’t want to take the time to deliver it.

  • Carrie

    Yes this has happened to me once with UPS. I ordered something from Amazon, so when the tracking said “delivered” and it wasn’t I contacted them. They said to wait a couple of days and if it doesn’t arrive to contact them again. They said sometimes (for whatever reason) they scan the package as delivered and then will actually deliver it later. I suspect, they have to deliver the package within a certain time frame as promised to the sender/recipient, maybe the driver gets dinged if it isn’t delivered for poor time management, so they scan it so it shows in the reports that it was on time and not late.

  • Kristen

    I have had Fed Ex drop off packages of mine to two different places before – one was a business 10 minutes down the road. I ended up telling them I wanted the address they delivered my package to (thats how I found out it went to a business). I then called the business who promptly found my package and allowed me to come pick it up as long as I had ID and proof that it was my address. My guess is they delivered your packages to the wrong address and the person who received them told them they weren’t theirs. They then delivered them late to you but did not bother to contact you to say so or change the delivery notice.

  • Sara P from WV

    I had a similar incident with FedEx. About three months ago, I ordered something from NBC Universal and it was shipped via FedEx. Since it was a birthday gift, I ordered about 3 weeks in advanced knowing that it had plenty of time to make its way to WV. Two and a half weeks went by before I realized that I hadn’t received the package, but when I checked my tracking number online, it said that it had been delivered OVER A WEEK PRIOR! Yet, nothing. I even asked my neighbors in my complex (there’s four of us in my building) and they hadn’t seen a thing. After verifying I entered the correct shipping information, I put in a complaint to FedEx and NBC Universal and then like magic, the package showed up the next day. I don’t know if there was an issue with the delivery person or what, but my package was in limbo for a week and a half! Luckily I got it in time, but still…. so strange.

  • Anna

    As far as UPS and Fed Ex they never ring my door bell, they just leave the packages on the door step, even when someones home. I’ve had this happen just about every time I’m waiting for something.

  • Cath

    I have had issues with both carriers. I live in a large apartment building with a locked lobby. If they can gain entry, both USPS and FedEx will leave a package in the lobby instead of outside my apartment door — of course I never see it again. Or, FedEx will take a package to the hub without leaving a notification for me. I have the best luck with UPS.

  • Jennifer Hall

    I have had issues in the past with UPS. I was waiting on delivery, it said it was delivered. I called with the tracking #, they said it had been delivered. They then called the driver and they called me back and said the driver would not deliver because of my dog. I don’t own a dog. They then informed me that package would not be delivered until the next day. If you are behind schedule, just tell me that, I would understand. Instead they find it necessary to make up excuses.

  • Peggy Lemos

    I have had it happened many times. The explanation I have got the most is that it has been pre-received . What this means is that things are entered into the computers before they are actually there. Never have received a straight answer on how they are “scanned” at the destination though. I do know that things are entered by hand into a computer before it even arrives because my husband works in a warehouse and this is done all the time. Why? Because its faster when the item actually gets there. Makes sense? No, but that is the way its done.

  • Ann

    Happens all the time! I live out in the country ( town of 3000) and I can track packages—but lots of things are brought to town by UPS & then taken to the post office where it takes 1 or 2 more days to get to me! Had an instance at Xmas time–package said it was at the PO & I printed out info & went there several times–finally I asked the right person & they told me a whole bag of pkgs had arrived soaking wet so they refused them! Had to call Amazon & after several tries got the right person & had replacements sent out. hate dealing with all of them but sometimes it’s easier than traveling 1 hr + to shop!

  • Ali

    Maybe the delivery guys were running late, and didn’t want the boss to know they didn’t get all the packages delivered, so they scanned them as delivered, and then delivered them the next day. (?) I don’t know, it certainly is weird.

  • Teresa

    I ordered my phone from Verizon the overnighted it thru Fed Ex but it didnt show up till 3 days later I tracked it and all it said it was delivered 2 day prior not only did it not get delivered when it was said to have been and Fed Ex knew nothing but when it was finally found I have to go pick it up they wouldnt bring it to my house the Drive said he didnt feel save leaving it on my porch had he knocked on my door he would have seen I was home a I could have signed for it and been done with it but nooo I also had a mailman who wouldnt knock on my door as well would just put a slip in my boz saying I had a package or a letter at the post office I mean really its there job to bring it to us at least attempt to bring it too us before drive off with our stuff . Im a stay at home mom so Im home all the time and when I do leave I put a note on the door to take packages to the office

  • Jennifer

    I think it is related to how the delivery drivers are rated on job performance. They need to get packages delivered “on time” to keep their jobs, get raises, etc.

  • sue

    mine happen with UPS…but im lucky, when i track they say delivered. but i did not receive anything. upon further tracking, i realize they left it with the management office (IM AT HOME WHOLE DAY)..n they didnt even leave me a msg at my door saying that my parcel is with the office!!

  • BlueFlier

    We have had more issues recently with items not showing up when they were supposed to have been “delivered.” According to a friend who works for one of the carriers (asked to be confidential), theft of packages is huge since the economic downturn. 30% of packages left without signature supposedly don’t get to where they are supposed to go. So, you either need to call and find out where the package is (and verbally okay that it be left at your door) or be there to sign. At my friend’s recommendation, we ended up getting a mailbox from the UPS Store (used to be Mail Boxes Etc.). It costs only about $10 per month and we haven’t had any issue since then, since there is always someone to sign for the package and there is always at least a daily pickup or delivery of USPS, FedEx and UPS at the location.

  • Robyn

    I have had that happen several times with packages from Ebay and from my mail order pharmacy. They say they left the package on the front porch but they never knocked on the door. Then I found out several items were sent back because they delivered to the wrong place and the person had to reship them. On top of that USPS supposedly left a box with 15 bottles of medications and inhalers on my porch last year and when I got home that night there was nothing there. They still don’t know where it is and of course won’t accept blame for it either. I had a big sign on the porch stating DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES OUTSIDE and I told them about the sign. They say it was delivered and there was nothing they could do and I go charge for the meds I did not get. And they wonder why no one wants to use the USPS any more.

  • Stacie S-H

    I live in SLC, UT and the UPS and FedEx guys always ring the doorbell. If I dont answer I think its UPS maybe? that leaves a note saying they tried to stop by. I hope they never leave a pkg on my front step bc I know someone in the neighborhood would steal it. The people here are that way

  • Amanda

    I’ve had this happen with USPS and UPS typically. We have locked mail boxes (Military housing) and on a number of occasions it’s said it’s delivered and it hasn’t been, I’ve called and allegedly the “carrier” left the key to the locked box in my normal mail box, except the key’s not there. As far as UPS, I’ve had them say they must have delivered it to a neighbor and then it magically appears the next day (although when asking my neighbors none of them were given the package) it’s all a little strange.

  • Keysha

    Same thing happened to my friend here in Maryland. I think the carriers are either getting lazy or are overworked and underpaid. It is weird that it is happening to a lot of people from different companies though.

  • Feisty

    I think if they’re running behind schedule they start eliminating any drop-offs that will take up too much of their time, but they list them as being attempted so they don’t get in trouble.

  • Tara

    I have shipped stuff to a customer. Then I get an email saying from them saying it was delivered but they did not receive it (it’s happened a few times). I was told sometimes the carriers will scan it delivered when they have it at the post office as they are sorting their route. Then they go out on their route and for one reason or another forget to deliver it. Maybe they just forget to look for it. I know normally they keep the mail (non boxes) in order in a bin so they can easily go down the road. My thinking was maybe the box is in a separate container and sometimes they just forget to grab it.

  • Melissa

    I am a independent Scentsy consultant. I am constantly receiving packages from UPS. I can track the delivery from the time it leaves Scentsy till it arrives at my door step. The tracking has never been off. When it gives me a date to expect delivery, without fail it is there. Hopefully Things get better for you in future deliveries.

  • Heather

    I try to use UPS whenever I can. They are the only ones I trust to actually leave my package. Where I live in Ohio, Fed Ex contracts with the local post office to deliver their packages. My mail carrier doesn’t like to get out of her car and pull into my driveway to deliver the package. She always leaves one of those postcards that says “sorry we missed you. you can pick up your package at the post office the next day” I am a stay at home mom and I’m there all day because I also babysit. There is really no excuse for it. We’ve called several times and spoken with the Postmaster there filing several complaints. So I can feel your pain.

  • Janet

    I love when I get tracking numbers and wait all day when out for delivery and at the end of the day it says “unable to deliver” recipient unavailable…… REALLY??? I WORK from home and don’t leave ever if I know I am getting a present in the mail!!!! I think they are just plain lazy!!!!

  • Brian

    I have had it happen a couple of times as well. Once it was an honest mistake (Instead of XXXX north Neill rd it went to XXXX Neill rd). The other time there was no logical reason as it was delivered to XXXX N Neill rd, but it was on the other side of the US. When we finally got the item it had the correct address. We were told by ups that it was a computer error. Now what could have happened in your case is sometimes ups as well as all the carriers Will send it to a local hub and then have the post office deliver to your address. I have had that happen many times.

  • Pamela Bice

    My question on package tracking…is why do they ship it from the warehouse to Pa to Oh then back to Pa then back to Oh to me? Considering where it was located the first time in Oh, they could have tossed it out to me (wasn’t breakable) on the way back to Pa. ~lol~

  • Joana LeCompte

    It happened to me once with the USPS. The tracking said it was delivered and it came a week later. The post office had no idea what was going on and my normal mail lady was on holiday so everyday we had some one new. Finally when she got back I got my package!!

  • RB

    I work from home, and I am home all the time during the week… I’ve counted at least ten times in the last year that I’ve ordered and tracked packages both FedEx and UPS and they would say ‘package undeliverable due to customer not home to sign’ may not be the exact verbiage but it was similar. I always end up having to chase my packages down at whatever place they get left because the driver didnt feel like coming out to my house. Very frustrating.

  • Charmaine Rampey

    This has happened to me just recently. It was from ink, the same company I have ordered my ink from for 5 years and this was the first time that it happened. The UPS tracking number I was given I watched for a few days, shipping was 3 to 5 days. The day it was said to be delivered I was home all day, no delivery. I went back to the web site and found that it had been turned over to the USPS. I checked the mail (I live in an apartment complex with lock boxes for packages at the cluster boxes) if they can’t leave it in a box the take it to the office and leave a slip in my box. No box and no key when I went to check. I waited a day and still nothing. I called the mail handling facility and asked about it they said they would get back to me. The next day there was a key in the box. It seems like they are saving packages up till they have alot and then deliver them, or maybe they have someone running the route separate when the have alot of packages. Not sure but I have never had a situation where UPS handed off to USPS before.

  • Adrienne Gillon

    I do not have any troubles with USPS because we have a lockbox for any packages that come that is larger than our mailbox. The key to that box is left in our mailbox for us to retrieve that way. Our postal carrier will bring boxes to us if it is bigger than the lockbox, and we have not had a concern for him to leave the package at our door.

    Fed Ex, however, is another matter. Fed Ex NEVER knocks on the door to deliver- never! They will leave the package on the front porch, but they has also left their tag saying they were there and we have to figure out where to get our package at. Once, dear Fed Ex sailed our package over the backyard fence, scaring our dog! Luckily, it was a Tupperware delivery and nothing breakable (nothing was damaged).

    I love UPS because their alert service will tell us when the package is coming, down to the time it will be delivered on the day it is to arrive. They are very accurate! 🙂

  • Christine

    Oh my gosh! Yes! My son’s graduation day – I ordered a flowered lei from Hawaii for his graduation (family tradition), we live in Utah. UPS said it was delivered but nothing. I had a house full of relatives from out of state and no one heard them knock and I have huge window in my front living room and door was wide open. Thank goodness for an honest neighbor (3 blocks away). She found the package at her doorstep addressed to me, my address, and everything, but on her doorstep (address not even close). She phoned and my husband gladly ran over to pick it up – 1 hour before my son had to be at the stadium for the ceremony. Yes they have to at least make one attempt – and the driver can’t return to base until all the packages are delivered or delivery attempted – so if it is taking too long or late – they will scan that delivery was attempted and return back to base. Crappy way to do business but it is common – that was the most crucial one but this happens a lot in our rural area.

  • Krissey Perry

    I am actually starting to suspect my mail lady of stealing my mail. When samples arrive, a lot of time it is obvious what it is and she has asked me about how I get the samples. I have noticed a drastic decrease in the amount of samples I have been receiving. But the biggest clue is that I had purchased something off of ebay and was awaiting its arrival, the tracking said that it arrived in my area, so I contacted the post office and they told me it should arrive today, my mail lady walks up, no package, I open the door and she hands me my mail so I ask her about my package, she laughs and says yes I have a package for you I was wondering if you were going to ask me about it, I was going to bring it when I turned my truck around….this was not a large package, and we has chatted a little bit before I mentioned my package and she did not mention it at all, she only acknowledged it after I asked, I suspect she was going to keep it and mark it as “undeliverable”. Im kinda keeping my eye on her, but on samples and things I can’t track I am kinda SOL. I would start asking questions to your mail carrier so that they know it is not going unnoticed. Good Luck

    • Holli

      Don’t hesitate to talk to the post master if you’re having a problem. You may not be the only complaint. It can’t be remedied if it’s unknown. As for her not having the package in hand with your mail…I’m assuming she’s a city carrier. If the package doesn’t fit in the bag when filled with mail I will drop it off when I move to the next location.

  • Jill

    Yes, this just happened to me with a package being delivered from USPS. I was tracking it and it said it was delivered on a Thursday. I didn’t get it until Saturday. So frustrating. Why give a tracking number if it means nothing?

  • Holli

    I’m a USPS carrier. When the packages come into the post office even the ones dropped off by FedEx and UPS they are scanned in by a clerk. Large packages I put at the door if it is safe to do so and the package is not in the weather. I honk the horn on the way up the drive way, place the package, ring the door bell. I scan the package before I leave it then in the scanner I hit delivered. If I cannot leave it at the door I scan it attempted and leave a notice in the box. I also write ‘att’ and the date on the package. All I can say is there are lazy people out there that don’t do their jobs and people do make mistakes. Maybe they hit delivered instead of attempted.

  • Alice

    The US Postal Service is the only company that delivers to every house, everyday unless you have a PO box, that is why FedEX and UPS drop ship packages to USPS and pay them to deliver the package. The company that delivers these packages to the PO is a contract company paid by FedEx and UPS. Usually that is where the confusion with the scanning comes from.

  • Shannon O

    with Fed Ex… this happens a lot with us but normally it is UPS… there is one guy that is just too lazy to get out of his truck… the other driver for my area HATES him… and the lazy guy leaves the sorry I missed you stickers in my mailbox… I’m home all day as well…

    but with the UPS… a number of sites have switched over to the USPS to deliver… that now adds on up to a week since they have just closed so many post offices and sorting centers in my area… and the companies never tell you either that it starts as UPS and then switches… so I have had a number of things show up late after I needed them… grrrrr… not the post office’s fault but just let me know so I can plan differently

  • Jen

    Here is my experience with UPS. I ordered some shoes online. Using tracking I saw my package went from Chicago, Illinois to Columbus, Ohio to Indianapolis, IN, back to Columbus and then to Lancaster, OH and then to my house in Carroll Ohio (about 20 minutes from Columbus). During the time I was tracking it, the delivery date was also adjusted to one day later after my package left Columbus for Indianapolis. When I called UPS, they couldn’t tell me why the package went from about 20 minutes from my house to the next state over and then back to the SAME facility. When I said to them “Just tell me you screwed up and sent it to the wrong place” they wouldn’t. They just kept saying that it would be delivered FOR SURE on the (2nd) date they specified. Good thing it wasn’t something that was time sensitive or I would have been up a creek. Delivery companies suck and never take responsibility for anything. Grrrrrr

  • Dezraei

    If you give me the number I can track it internally through Postal Tracking and see if i can see anything else(I am a Supervisor at Post office). I am at lunch right now but will be going back to the office soon. Email me if ya want!

  • Tami Teneuli

    Yes it has. I wasn’t home and diff carrier. 3 pkgs on 2 days. disappeared and never shown up. said was delivered. been to USPS they can’t find anything. these were dvd’s (someone would want) and 1 hard to find book. I’m not happy. I hate to say it, but snatch and sell? Neighbors didn’t get it and was supposed to be delivered onto my porch that had a hiding area (left a note) and rope so noone should’ve been able to see them or get onto the porch. Over the rail to the spot for the mailman. SO sounds like this is going on more than I thought.

  • Nancy Lee

    I have so many problems I don’t know where to start. Hhmm…last winter when the temps were below zero I waited for some special shampoo and conditioner recommended by a dermatologist and expensive…checking the FedEx tracking every day. Waiting at home all day (which was inconvenient). No package. Finally the tracking said it had been delivered the day before. I checked outside…sure enough…frozen solid. I called the company I ordered it from…and they said they would send out a new order since they could not guarantee it’s effectiveness. Of course, when they contacted FedEx for a response FedEx called me and tried to say the delivery person couldn’t reach anyone at home. Untrue. I know they didn’t ring the doorbell as my dog barks when it goes off. And I was listening for it all day. They usually drop and run….I know because I have seen them.

  • YUMMommy

    I have had issues both. Once, FedEx lost Christmas presents we had ordered. They showed in March! My husband had been to the post office and the FedEx warehouse to get answers and he got the run-around.

  • jeannine s

    I have had this problem many times. Twice with fed-ex, three times with UPS and once with USPS. My favorite excuse was from UPS as to why a package wasn’t delivered when it said it was, they told me the box was “damaged” and they needed to fix it. When I got the box the next day it was perfectly fine and even had the company’s name on it that I had ordered from.

  • Pam

    We ordered tickets to be delivered to school for a Physics Day field trip to a local amusement park. The tickets should have been delivered on Thursday, by FedEx, to the school. When the secretaries left for the day they found a sticky note on the front door that said they “tried” to deliver the package…. tried to deliver? The school was open alll day. School was closed completely (they turned the power off to save money) Friday through Tuesday. On Wednesday we tried to track the package and it said it had been delivered on Friday, when school was obviously closed, and had been left on the front steps. $ 1000 of tickets … AND the caps and gowns for graduation had been just left, out in the open in an area that can be considered a little sketchy. Thankfully a custodian had stopped to check something on Saturday and locked up the packages or I am sure we would have been out tickets and caps and gowns. When I called to complain they never called back.

  • Eva

    I give my ups, FedEx and USPS folks prezzies year round. I have no problems with deliveries. They even put them in bags if it’s bad weather. I think of it like any other service industry. Take care of them and you’ll get better service.

  • Chasity

    I used to be a sub on my mail route so I might be able to help. Any time a package arrives anywhere they have to scan it arrived and then the mail carrier has to scan it delivered when they deliver it, if they went in to the wrong part of the scanner they could have scanned it delivered instead of arrived by mistake. Each person at the post office is allowed to mess up with the scanners only twice and then they are supposed to get the boot. So call and talk to the postmaster about the problem and make sure you are talking to him/her and not just the clerk that answers the phone and ask if their policy is the same as it is here. Although it should be the same everywhere because it came down from our main office in Tulsa that this was a new rule and that started about 3 years ago. I hope you can get it figured out because I know how frustrating it is. Also you can call or text your mail carrier and have them hold your package and then just go and pick it up when you have time and that way you know exactly where it is and if your mail runs later in the afternoon then you can go and pick it up around 9 am, they usually have the packages scanned by then.

  • Mel

    I have the same problem with drop & runs – USPS, FedEx, and UPS alike. I can’t remember the last time I received a package and someone knocked on the door or rang the bell! Many times, I will be sitting in a chair right by the open door, reading a book or something, then hear the truck pull out of the driveway and by magic! There is my package by the steps. SO frustrating. And same story with the tracking – shows delivered before the truck ever comes to my house. Although, the usually UPS driver is pretty good about it, mostly USPS and FedEx.

  • Christina

    My problem is usually with Fedex, but sometimes with USPS and UPS as well. My biggest problem is that they always deliver to my neighbors,despite the fact that my house has the street number clearly displayed. My neighbor’s are not marked with the number and the delivery person just drops it at one of their houses. This is a huge problem with my medications, as they are shipped on ice and require refrigeration. I have called several times to give a description of my house and insist they check the house for the correct numbers, but they continue to drop my packages at one of my two neighbors’ houses. I have to wait until it shows delivered and then drive around looking for my package. Extremely frustrating!

  • kay landers

    Had the same problem with both UPS and FEdEX. If they would just ring the doorbell, would solve alot of this. They just leave packages, in a bad neighbor hood they get stolen.

  • Christina

    its the same here,i’ve cut down on entering giveaways because so many packages are lost. Its tough to be excited when you win a giveaway and then have to worry if you will ever receive the actual prize. Had a basket of tea w/ $200 gc stolen,a Kindle Fire and numerous small wins that the companies claim they shipped and I never received. I’ve called the postmasters office and left messages,the clerk told me I live in a high theft area. Well then why leave the packages? FedEx and UPS just dump them depending on the drivers,we have 2 UPS drivers that I’ve never had a problem w/. 2-3 days a week we receive no mail,which is odd since for years i’ve received at least something daily .

  • Sharon F

    I move back to home town a small rural area a few months back from Atlanta, GA. I moved back to my childhood home, my Dad was the only person living in the home, my first week back I recieived two packages address to someone else one in the mailbox and one was actually left on the porch to large to fit in the mail box, not only were the address wrong but the name on the package were wrong also I took the packages and a few letters to my local post office, I spoke to the manager and explain the situation, she told me my mailman is an army reserve personell and he she would speak to both the normal driver and the fill in, I have had not problems since and I recieve tons of magazine, product test and sweepstake wins.

  • Amanda

    I use to have a huge problem with ups delivering all of our packages from amazon to our apartment office which is a decent walk away and since we do not currently have a car it was almost impossible to pick them up because they would not fit in our stroller. 9/10 When they delivered to the office the driver didn’t even leave a notice on our door which is my biggest problem. I did not like not knowing where my package was when it said “delivered”. I called ups and they barred there drivers from delivering to our office at all. I later found out from my usual driver that every time that has happened it was a substitute.

    Fed Ex- I have never had a problem with
    USPS- I try not to even order or send anything with them. I have had countless incidents with them. Including very important time sensitive papers getting delivered to the wrong address.

  • Jodi

    I have been having an ongoing war with Fed ex…..and from what i have seen by investigating myself was because i live on a dead end street my delivery guy is too lazy to drive down and the thought of walking my package down has him in a dither. I have personally seen him do this all throughout my neighborhood. Fed ex blames it on using outside contractors for their ground service ( i live in Massachusetts…in Boston..not some rural farm town out west) So, i track my packages carefully, sit by my window alot and call fed ex regularly. my next step is to call my attorney generals consumer protection line and the local news :o)

    As for USPS…well my carrier is the oldest in the system so…anything under $50 that goes missing i just take the loss.