Walmart Black Friday Fighting Over Phones

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This is why I am happy I did all my Black Friday shopping online this year 🙂

Do you think online shopping for Black Friday will become less popular or more popular next year?

Well enjoy the video… It is pretty crazy


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  • Rebecca Duffy

    yea i was at a walmart an it was crazy like that, got a phone finally..but guess what the phone hardly works freezes an everything else smh,,,all that for nothing …errrrr

  • Staci

    Wow, I am disgusted by the way these people were acting! I do go out to the stores for Black Friday, thankfully I have never seen this where I live. And I know I would never behave like that. But my momma raised me to be better than that!

  • Robin

    This is why shopping at Walmart (especially on Black Friday) is best left to those with a low IQ. That way the herd is thinned when the inevitable fights break out because “Dat daer fone’s MYNE!!!” My boyfriend and I went to five different stores on Black Friday and every one was busy, but people were polite.

    • kristen

      Nothing like being a nasty person huh robin? Guess I have a low iq because I went to wal mart on black Friday…no fights, everyone was nice, and I even picked up some groceries

      • Susanne

        Yep guess I have a low IQ as well….I went to Wal-Mart got what I needed (great deals) and was out of there in 30 minutes! Robin it isn’t fair to lump ALL Wal-Mart shoppers in with your stereotype, but good try!

  • Amy

    I went to Best Buy this year and it was NOTHING compared to this. This is crazy! I think Best Buy has it down were they give out tickets to people waiting in line for the Doorbuster items. They also had a handful of cops and also a large stock of items so people didn’t have to kill each other over them.

  • Babs

    Crazy!!! Was the deal on phone really that good? I worked Black Friday but our store was nothing like that! Everyone was nice and it was actually really fun! Really busy but fun! These people should be ashamed!! Did they not just celebrate Thanksgiving???

  • Rae

    I go shopping on Black Friday every year (including going to Walmart), but I’ve never seen or experienced anything like this! The stores I go to usually have long lines, but everyone is polite. If they were like this, I wouldn’t even go out!

  • guest

    Somee cards says it all…

    “Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.”

  • Jennifer J.

    No sale and I mean no sale is worth all of that to me, that’s just awful. I love to shop at home on black friday, I actually found most of my deals on Thursday night nice and warm at home with my faimly thanks to sites like BudgetSavvyDiva 🙂

  • kate C

    i went with my daughter at 940 thinking it was all over forgetting about the 10 pm guarantee and it was not bad at all. one lady got mad at me because she was like a statue causing a problem in the aisle and i said excuse me may i pass you because i need to get to the kids clothing area and she started to say we are all trying to get somewhere or something like that and i turned and said do not try to fight with anyone here, is a deal worth fighting over ? I told the crowd around me if they wanted my stuff they can have it because i didnt care about the stuff because that is not the reason for the season and everyone agreed and the lady apologized to me for being rude and i told her it was fine. everywhere i went it was easy going, maybe orange county california is just not deal crazy???

  • cynthia

    Such a shame, this is walmarts fault for allowing this to happen with the lack of organization. If you look at the video closely half way thru…an elderly lady that got a phone, someone covers her mouth so she won’t scream, takes the phone from her and runs off. Disgusting! I hope that persons phone doesn’t work when he opens it! Grrrr!

  • Terri Means

    That is totally insane. They should be embarrassed that they acted that way in the first place. Second, that someone filmed it. Third, at their pure greed. That ISN’T what Christmas is about.