NEWS – Starbucks Free Tall Caramel or Hazelnut Macchiato from is NOT VALID

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So I have some bummer news — so yesterday my husband ( who works for Starbucks) told me that they got the “official message” from corporate that the free product coupon from is NOT Valid

IF you get the coupon IN STORE –  It is DOUBLE Sided  –  SOME people were emailed the coupon but they had registered Starbucks cards and their coupon had a barcode

AGAIN  The Starbucks Free Tall Caramel or Hazelnut Macchiato from is NOT VALID

I repeat the free product coupons from HERE on is NOT Valid.

There needs to be a barcode for the coupon to be valid – this is simply a photocopy of the free product coupon

This is a HUGE bummer there was an upsetting situations like at his store yesterday –

A couple came in with ” the free coupon from” they heard about from another site.

Following corporate procedure they were unable to accept the coupons — so this special day date turned into a totally bummer 🙁

Why this coupon is on is beyond me — I am sure it is a mistake—  I just wanted to keep you in the know 🙂

If a store did accept the coupon — they were not following procedure — and from what my husband told me corporate is NOT happy about it.

Make sure to share this news

My husband says the REAL coupons are behind the counter – simply ask for one and you should be given one.


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  • Sheryl

    Thanks for sharing, I was planning on going today. It’s funny, I really felt it was legitimate because I thought would be a sight I could trust…….wow !

    • Budget Savvy Diva

      The coupon was never suppose to be on the internet — it is a double sided coupon. SOME people were emailed the coupon but they had registered Starbucks cards and their coupon had a barcode

  • Leah Brislin

    I saw the post about asking for a coupon and tried it last week. One Barista didn’t know about them, but another did and gave one to me. Doesn’t hurt to ask, and I can highly recommend the hazelnut 🙂

  • Jennifer @ Spend Less, Shop More is insisting that these coupons ARE valid — I asked on their Facebook page and the affilliate Facebook page, and got a thumbs-up on the deal from both admins.

    There’s clearly been some miscommunication between Starbucks and on how to promote the hazelnut macchiato launch — it’s a shame customers are getting stuck in the middle.

  • Brittanie Pyper

    I saw this coupon but decided not to post it for some reason. Thank you for letting us know and I will be sure to let my readers know as well. However, it does look like the coupon is no longer listed on this site which I hope means received word from Starbucks that it is not valid.

  • Brenda Jensen

    I guess what surprises me, too, is that if there are LEGIT coupons behind the counter, why a customer who has a “non-legit” coupon is not offered one to replace it? Exactly how are starbucks customers to know when/if coupons available for any of their promotions. And, btw, I am a registered starbucks customer. Never received any type of email letting me know where coupons were available.

  • Kristen S

    I wrote them and told them it doesn’t work. Just wrote it from the prospective of I had it, not valid and to please fix the mistakes so it doesn’t happen to others. Hope that helps. Shared on my local couponing tips site on facebook too. Thanks for the info.

  • Stephanie

    Yeah we just got the word from corporate too. We have in our back room what the coupons are supposed to look like. Going to be disappointing a lot of people from now until when the coupon expires. If people come through drive thru and say they have the coupon, I ask if it was emailed to them from Starbucks or recieved in store to weed out any of the non-legit coupons and to save that awkward moment when we’ve already made the drink and they don’t have a legit coupon at the window and don’t want to pay for it.

  • Alice

    Really a simple fix for Starbucks. If the customer has the coupon, replace it with the correct coupon from behind the counter and explain to the customer that the one is not being honored. This will create goodwill and happy customers. Why do I need to ask for a coupon and go through the anguish etc… Let’s think about good customer service, please.