Mason Jar Christmas Candy Holder

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Mason Jar Christmas Candy Holder

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I love mason jars – my collection of mason jars is PRETTY large so I thought coming up with some fun ways to “gift” my mason jars would be fun

This is actually a jelly mason jar which my mom has pointed out many times

I found that jelly mason jars are the perfect size of  ghirardelli chocolate squares ( pretty much the best chocolate ever) – * high five if you agree*

What you need for this craft –

Jelly Jar

Hot Glue


Holiday Flower ( Glitter is my favorite)

Glitter sticker paper

First off make sure the jar is completely clean – once you have that done heat up that hot glue gun

Measure the ribbon around the jar – cut two ribbons

Hot glue the ribbon to the jar – let it set for a few minutes

Use the mason jar top to help gauge the size of circle you need to make – glitter paper is foam paper with a sticker backing I found mine at Michaels

Stick the paper to the top of the mason jar top

Hot glue flower on top of the glitter paper

AND…… you are done!

This is a perfect gift for teachers, neighbors, co-workers — something you can easily make 10 – 20 while watching a movie

I tend to craft while watching tv ( does anyone else do that?)

Now let’s see some finished products

Here is a picture of the top of the mason jar 🙂 The flower is from Michaels as well

Mason Jar Christmas Candy Holder

It has the personal homemade touch without looking cheap

NOW let’s see that chocolate 🙂

Mason Jar Christmas Candy Holder

If you make any of my crafts I would love to see them – snap a picture and use the #budgetsavvydiva so I can check it out 🙂

I would love to know what type of crafts you are looking for – just leave what you want in the comment section and I will try to do some 🙂

Love you guys!!!