What NOT To Buy At The Dollar Store

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dollar store

I have gone to the dollar store ( Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store) my whole life — over going to many of these shops I decided it would be fun to make a video about it

I also wrote out the list too 🙂 Make sure to pin the list

1. Plastic food/sandwich bags: Not always BPA free and often the side seems rip.

2. Kitchen Utensils: Often times the metal part of a knife breaks off the plastic handle, which can

be unsafe, and plastic tools as spatulas that you use over a hot stove melt more easily.

3. Plastic toys: Often break apart and small pieces could be hazardous depending on age.

4. Medicine: Often are counterfeit and can contain chemicals not listed on the package.

5. Soda: Typically you can find name brand soda at the grocery for a $1 since it often goes on sale,

so you’re not saving much money necessarily.

6. Electronics and cords: Have been a fire hazard far more often than non-dollar store electronics.

Since 99 cent store and the dollar store doesn’t have as good of quality control, this problem

more easily occurs and these products are often recalled.

7. Shampoo and beauty products: Often these products come in small bottles at the dollar store,

so you’re often not really saving money when you are getting a really small product.

8. Tools: often fall apart after little use.

9. Toilet paper/paper towels: Since they are often thinner and come with fewer sheets, you have

to use up more to clean up messes so you run out quicker than with name brand versions.

10. Batteries: They work, but they run out of juice a lot faster.

11. Garbage bags: bags tear easily

12. Brooms: The handles break often.

13. Cotton ear swabs: The cotton edges don’t have as much padding and are rough, and they often

bend in use.

14. Perfume and Cologne: The smell often does not last long

15. Candles: The scent isn’t strong and often burn quicker.

16. Crayons: The color comes out extremely light.

17. Glue sticks: Dry out quickly once opened.

18. Outdoor lighting: Does not last long.

19. Vitamins: Consumer Reports have shown that non name-brand vitamins don’t necessarily

contain the amounts of nutrients that is stated on the label.

20. Toothpaste: Research has shown that sometimes off-brand toothpaste contains much more

fluoride than allowed by the American Dental Association.