What NOT To Buy At Goodwill

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I am so excited to make this video for you 🙂

It was really fun to make – I really hope you enjoy it

For all the links talked about in the video go HERE


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  • Pattyj

    Amen girl. No shoes, pillows, etc…. BED BUGS…Lice, ick, ick, ick….but you didn’t mention underwear??? GROSS Bed lines can be washed…many times.

    But you are correct about Goodwill being expensive in lots of things.

    Just be careful and have fun.

  • Mia

    What happened to underwear/bras?! I thought for sure you were going to mention that. That would be the first thing on my “don’t buy” list.

  • Teresa Wyatt

    Good video! You hit on most of my thrift shop no-nos as well. I would add, though, 2nd hand baby items like high chairs, strollers, etc are constantly being recalled so they should never be bought 2nd hand without checking the recall list. I’ve also seen taped shut packages of diapers *shiver*. Any sort of underwear for any ages must be new for me to buy it. A note about shoes, experts say never buy used shoes because they mold themselves to fit the wearer over time, so pre-owned shoes can end up hurting your feet, knees, and back because they will not fit your feet properly.