How To Walk A Cat On A Leash #BeyondSummer

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How To Walk A Cat On A Leash #BeyondSummer

So I know what you are thinking…. Can you really walk a cat? My answer is YEP!

It really is not hard – and it is important for cats to get exercise – whenever I walk Watson it is like his whole world opens up ( he knows he can explore to his heart’s content without danger).

Watson loves his treats so it is important for me to keep him moving.

Watson Handsome

I went to Meijer and picked Watson up new cat food. I wanted to try something that would be better for him. You know the saying you are what you eat I truly believe this is true for animals as well. I ended up selecting Purina® Beyond® grain free products – the rain free products are all about natural, wholesome, blends of quality products that help fuel your pet so they can stay active no matter the adventure.

Purina Sponsored

I feel like the Purina® Beyond® cat food has helped energize him for walking; PLUS he loves it 🙂

Watson Sponsored FINAL

Tips for Teaching Your Cat To Walk on A Leash ( These are ALL tips that I used on Watson)

1) Get the right Harness – I highly suggest one similar to the one above – I found this one at a local pet shop – no matter how much he tries to get out he cannot – which makes me worry less about his safety

2) Get The Right Leash – I bought a leash that has a lot of give but easy to handle as well. It is important to make sure the cat cannot get away if he/she becomes frighten by another animal or car

3) Training – When I talk about training I mean harness training. For about 2 weeks place the harness on the cat for increasingly longer time. First day 10 minutes – then 10 minutes more the next day so they get use to it.

4) In-House Training – I practiced walking Watson around the house – with harness and leash – I did this daily for about 1 week

5) Patience – Remember this will take time and it is important to do it daily.

Watson Adventure

6) Treats! Each day treat your cat with their favorite treats when they do their takes ( whatever stage they are at – cats are smart and they are much more willing to do something if they know there is a treat at the end)

7) Backyard – once your cat is walking inside the house no problem on the leash time to take it to the backyard – Watson and I did backyard walks daily for 1 month ( again this takes time)

8 ) Next Level – Once your cat is comfortable with walking in your garden they walk the streets. Cats have amazing ability to smell so make sure to indulge their senses – allow them to take their time to smell a tree or plant. Above is Watson’s favorite tree – each time we pass he smells and stands up.

9) Food – Make sure the food your feeding for your cat is good quality ( meaning lacking in fillers and FULL of the good stuff like meat and high quality products)

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