Learn Your Tax Advantages With Block Advisors

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Now that we’re nearing Tax Day, people from all over are looking for their w-2’s and 1099s, hunting down receipts and making plans about what they’re going to do with their income taxes when they come.  I know a lot of people who are planning on paying back student loans, paying off credit cards, finally getting the giant flatscreen they’ve been dreaming of, etc. Everyone has their own plans and I’m just as excited as anyone else when it comes to the money I’ll be getting back this year.

However, before you can enjoy your refund after paying taxes all year around there are a few things you have to do first. Filing your tax documents are just a small part of doing your taxes. The people who are taking the fullest advantage of the refund season are the ones who have a productive yearlong relationship with their tax professionals at Block Advisors..  Even the most hands on do-it-yourselfer can appreciate the expertise and resources that her hometown tax advisor can provide as she strives to organize her receipts, keep tabs on tax qualified spending, and make big life changes in the year to come.  It’s important to find a local advisor that will take your income as seriously as you do and knows all the best ways to help you maximize it before the next tax season so you don’t miss out on big savings!

To make tax time easier, consider building a relationship with your tax advisor or professional early on! That means call them with questions that may arise well before taxes are due. Start organizing early on, keeping all receipts and pay stubs in labeled envelopes. I find organizing by month especially helpful.  And who better than a Block Advisors to help you manage that running tally before it becomes a mountain of faded slips?  This way, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed when it’s time to file, and you’ll even be ready to file for an early return!

Nothing quite compares to the protection and peace of mind a personal advisor can give you at tax time.  I know I hate tackling taxes on my own.  I’ve got a business to manage and a mortgage.  I need all the help I can get looking into the tax codes and knowing how to treat my financial documents as they develop rather than after the fact…

Especially when it comes to tax advantages!

What is a tax advantage? Quite simply, a tax advantage refers to the economic bonus that applies to certain accounts or investments that are, by statute, tax-reduced, tax deferred, or tax free.  You may qualify for any number of advantages you simply aren’t aware of if you don’t have a year round tax professional to guide you. Are you purchasing a house or getting married in the year to come?  A Tax Advisor can walk you through the advantages of big moments in your life through tax advantages!  I know too often I dwell on the minutia of every possible deductible receipt that I miss the simple habits and decisions that advisors know all about and can help you make the most out of what would be a complicated mess for you and me.

Don’t wait another year!

If you haven’t had a conversation with a professional about your taxes this year, start now to find out the things you can do immediately to increase your return in 2017! “Block Advisors” is available to help you get your taxes in order, all year around no matter what your tax needs are and are willing to engage in positive conversation about your specific needs whether you’re filing personal taxes or for your business. With more than 280 Block Advisors offices across the country, you can think of Block Advisors as your hometown tax advisors.