Things That Aren’t Getting Cleaned In Your House

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With as much time as most of us spend cleaning our homes, it seems impossible to think there are areas not getting cleaned. Check out this list of places and things in your home that likely need a little attention the next time you are cleaning up around the house.


If you have never washed your pillow, what are you waiting for? Throw them directly in the washing machine on a hot cycle every 6 months or so to keep the dust mites away and every day dirt that ends up on our pillows.

Doorknobs and Light Switches

Just think about all the germs that likely end up on a doorknob or a light switch. Then think about how quickly you can walk through your house and wipe them all down. Lysol wipes work great for this tasks. And this is a great chore for the kids to help out with.


If you are like many, cleaning the fridge gets put off the longest. It is quite a chore to take everything out and wipe it down and get everything back in. But I love it when it’s done and my fridge is organized. Once you get in there it really doesn’t take too long.

Toothbrush Holder

If you have a holder for your family’s toothbrushes, it is a great place for germs to hang out. And for something that holds items to go directly into your mouth, those germs are no good.

Under the Bed

I am always surprised at what I find when I look under my bed. Things you didn’t realized got kicked or shoved under there and have likely been there for a while. Not to mention all the dust bunnies.

Under Rugs

Rugs are supposed to protect our floors from getting dirty or damaged, but that doesn’t mean that underneath them is totally clean. Dust can especially gather around the edges, so be sure to pick them up every so often and make sure they are clean underneath.