How To Clean Your Room Like A Hotel Housekeeping Staff: 4 Easy Steps

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Cleaning the room every day is one of the most postponed tasks. Only if there was a standard procedure for cleaning which saved time. A room that looks like it has been cleaned by professional services. Cleaning your room in a sequence and a few techniques can help you perform this chore without giving it a piece of your mind. One more reason to have a plan is that mess harbours stress and affects your productivity. So we bring you some secret cleaning tips from housekeeping professionals to help you clean your room in a time-bound manner. 


Cleaning Playlist


The first and the most important step is to sort your background music as you clean. Make a cleaning playlist that is energetic, inspiring and makes cleaning a fun task. When you listen to music while cleaning, it takes your mind off the small chores that may seem tiresome. A good playlist will at least get you off that chair and get you into the groove for a satisfactory cleaning that will eventually start feeling like therapy. 


Start Small


If the messy bed and bathroom are seeming too gigantic a task, begin with a corner. Maybe you can start with your desk where you will be spending most of the hours of your day. Or you could just begin with cleaning your basin. It’s a psychological trick where you tell yourself to do something only for 5-10 minutes as the biggest hurdle is to begin. Once you press your clean mode on, you will not even realise when you started. Collect your cleaning essentials to begin with. Gloves, trashbags – separate for wet and dry trash, cleaning sprays, brush and cloth to wipe off tabletops – save time by keeping things handy.


Begin Inside Out


Start with the innermost corner of the room – in hotels it is the bathroom which they clean first. Second, move on to making the bed, table, cupboards and ultimately wipe the room last. This way you would not be revisiting the places which have already been cleaned while avoiding the wet floor and leaving footmarks. In the case of a carpet lined room, steam cleaning carpets once a week will make your room always smell and feel tidy. Read the full info here on steam carpet cleaners. This is the smart strategy followed by trained staff in housekeeping. The last thing they do is wipe the corridors and close the room behind them. You can start with the things which are at the far end of your room. Of course, a rug cleaners nyc expert would do it better than anything we can do as people who aren’t trained.


Make Your Own Bed


Making your bed first thing in the morning after waking up is a successful habit to form and there are reasons to support this. You are less likely to jump back in a well-made bed thus remaining productive all day long. Begin with the bedsheets – hotels use two bedsheets laid down together and tucked in with perfection. This is the reason those beds feel so cozy and oragnized. Use the 45-degree angle to tuck in the corners for a neat fold. Instead of the karate chop trick which creates droopy pillows, air the pillows starting from the middle till you have a perfect standing pillow.




Once you have a plan in place on how you will go about cleaning, it becomes easier to make it a part of the routine. You can make a weekly or monthly schedule to spring clean one room at a time. There is nothing so warming as a well cared for home. You bring in better vibes this way creating a happy decluttered space for yourself.