Uses for Baby Powder (That Will Amaze You)

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baby powder

Most people only think of baby’s bottoms when they think of baby powder, but there are so many other uses for it. And you can get a decent size bottle at the dollar store so stock up and get more use out of baby powder.

Sand Removal

If you spend any time at the beach or anywhere with wet sand, be sure to pack a bottle of baby powder in your bag. Sprinkle the baby powder over the wet sand that has stuck to your feet and legs, let it dry for a few minutes, and dust off. Easy peasy.

Grease Remover

If you ever spill a few drops of grease on your favorite item of clothing, sprinkle baby powder on it. The powder will absorb the grease.

Pet Shampoo

Baby powder makes a great dry shampoo for your pets. It leaves their fur smelling fresh without having to give them a bath.

Plump Up Your Lashes

If you give your lashes a light dusting of baby powder before your apply mascara, it will leave you with thicker looking lashes.

Squeak Free Floors

If your wood floors have some squeaky floorboards, just sprinkle some baby powder in the gaps to stop the squeaks.

Keep Ants Away

Sprinkle baby powder around your doors and windows to keep ants away. They don’t like the smell and will stay away.

Shoes That Don’t Smell

If you get smelly, damp shoes after running or working out, sprinkle some baby powder inside them. It will absorb the moisture and leave them smelling great.

Dry Shampoo

Not only will baby powder work on your pets, use it on your own hair for a quick and easy DIY dry shampoo. Absorbs the oil and leaves your hair smelling nice and fresh.

Makeup Helper

You can use a light dusting of baby powder on your face to help set your makeup.

Old Book Refresh

If you have old books that seem a little damp and smelly, sprinkle the pages with some baby powder. Absorbs the moisture and leaves them smelling great.

Keep Your Sheets Cool

You can sprinkle baby powder on your sheets on those hot summer nights. It will keep the sheets cool and absorb any sweat produced throughout the night.