Edible Arrangements on Valentine’s Day is a MUST

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I just got the most amazing gift from Edible Arrangements.  I’m a big fan of Edible Arrangements, because I think it is the ultimate way of showing somebody that you care, whatever the occasion.  It’s like sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the arrangements are always stunning, but they are not just edible.  They’re delicious.  I received a Valentine’s Day arrangement with bright red strawberries–some of them coated in high quality chocolate—grapes and beautiful heart shaped pineapple slices.  While I don’t recommend eating pineapple during pregnancy, they really made the display.  At the center of my delectable bouquet was a chocolate heart inscribed with the words “I Love You”.  The chocolate was gourmet semi-sweet chocolate that complemented the strawberries and brought more complexity to the assortment.  I also received a box of gourmet signature chocolates by famed chocolatier Jacques Torres.  It’s an assortment of six incredible fruit/chocolate combinations.  Eric enjoyed the chocolate and I ate the fresh fruit which was amazing.

Edible Arrangements are perfect for sympathy, or congratulations, and they make the holiday’s even more joyful and bright.  I purchase them for people I care about no matter where they live.  When you have a busy schedule and you need to express love, or support in a meaningful way; having edible arrangements sent to a friend or family member, whether near or far is always appreciated.

Now is the perfect time to go find an arrangement that sends the right message to somebody you love for Valentine’s Day, or Valentine’s Day Weekend.  And if you’re a fan of The Bachelor, Edible Arrangements has products that will be the perfect centerpiece for a viewing party.


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Don’t procrastinate, but if you find yourself scrambling at the last minute, Edible Arrangements can still come to the rescue with same day delivery.