Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not)

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There is a new book out today that I am really excited to share with you called: Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not).  The importance of money management, a strong work ethic and a giving spirit are things that were instilled in me at an early age and they are all things that this book helps to promote.  This book is full of teachable moments to help parents with kids ages 3 to 23.  Yes, there is a wide scope of knowledge in this jargon-free step-by-step guide by personal finance expert Beth Kobliner.


Also a journalist and a best selling author, Kobliner brings together some of the latest research in psychology, child development and behavioral economics with some surprising results about how to build positive character traits in your children like self-control, perseverance, and how to weigh important choices.  What the research shows us is that many of our ideas on how to promote good financial habits are wrong.  For example: Bribing kids for grades, while tempting, has a tendency to backfire.


Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even if You’re Not) is a thorough and practical guide that features various financial chapters with each chapter divided into many stages of a child’s development. This is not just a one-time read—you will use it from your child’s toddler stage all the way through college and beyond!
I love this book, and now that I’m going to be a mommy I can’t wait to put it to work so that I can instill these positive characteristics in my little ones. You can find Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even if You’re Not) today at Amazon here.  It’s also available at Barnes & Noble and many other large retailers and local book stores.  Get a copy today!