Bowled Over by Jimmy Dean

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This post is written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own. This shop has been compensated by Acorn Influence, Inc and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone

Let me take you through a typical day at my house: starting at 3:30 AM (that’s right.. 3. 30..).  That’s because Eric has so much to get done in the morning, and trying to squeeze more sleep in for– let’s face it– an hour and a half…maybe?… is not doing him any favors.  He just stays up and starts doing little things to help me out later.  I’m sure he also takes advantage of the quiet time to have a cup of coffee, at the very least, since alone time is so hard to come by (as we know by now, once the babies wake up, there are no breaks).

He preps the milk for their morning feeding, feeds, burps, and changes them while I sleep.  Then, I come down and start making his lunch.  We don’t really have any time for breakfast and the kitchen is always so overwhelmingly cluttered by bottles that the thought of making more of a mess in the morning gives me so much anxiety. I like to make sure that he has a good lunch while he’s at work, but then I have to pump my milk and he gets a small window of time to get himself ready for the while also watching the babies while I am incapacitated.  In a few moments, he gets ready to leave, leaving me with both twins to manage on my own until about 5:30 when Eric can relieve me once again.

We don’t get a moment’s rest, and since nutrition is so important to our tireless bodies, we rely heavily on the convenience of Jimmy Dean Bowls at Target.  We choose Jimmy Dean for the quality ingredients that really make a difference.  One 9oz. bowl contains 21-23 grams of protein!  It’s a super quick way for Eric to load up on energy before rushing off to his ever-busy work schedule.

Don’t settle for less than premium ingredients just because you are busy.  You deserve better.


Oh.. and you can take advantage of Target’s Cartwheel offer for an even better deal here: