Tongue Tie Surgery Accident

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Gwendolyn and Lawson are now over four months old.  They are a tad on the scrawny side being preemies, but the doctor says they are gaining wait at the expected rate.  Still they are in the low percentile range.  Lawson is only at 2% average body weight.  I’m told that you can even go into negatives, but I’m not sure how that’s possible.  They showed us a graph at the twins 4 month appointment that showed projected growth and where each of them falls.

The doctor did mention that she was very impressed with the babies’ development in other areas.  The way they’ve been babbling and grabbing at objects… Gwendolyn even flipped over right in front of her.  The visit was not a happy one though.  The babies both got shots, which is harder for me I think then it is for them.  Gwendolyn had it the worst this time, because the doctor decided to snip the membrane that had her tongue-tied… READ MORE HERE