Gwendolyn is Tongue Tied

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Today has been crazy! We did a newborn photo shoot here at the house and it was pretty warm. I do not know if it was the hot temperature or new fabrics touching her skin but Gwendolyn broke out in ( what we think were hives ) on her chest.

I contacted her Pediatrician and thought it would be best to go in. My dad and I went with little Gwendolyn while Lawson was at home with my mom. Of course by the time she was seen the rash was gone. The rash was white patches of raised skin – kinda looked like scar tissue.

Well the pediatrician was looking her over and said — ” did you know she is tongue tied” – of course I had not. Sure enough I could see what he was talking about. I will have a whole different post about why I do not breastfeed ( I pump and feed) — short answer I have twins. I would love any experience you have with tongue-tied babies. She is now 6 pounds and 8 ounces — she gained 5 ounces in the past week so she is on track with weight gain. There was talk of a possible surgery to fix the problem.


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  • Kate

    My daughter was tounge tied. I ended up clipping it at four months. Tounge tied babies can have trouble with speech. I was told if I did not clip her young she would have to be put to sleep to do it when she was older.
    The procedure took less time then the explanation did about the procedure.
    Hope that the surgery goes well if you do it.

  • Tammy

    I am a speech language pathologist and have treated tongue tied children. My experience is that it is best to get the surgery. Tongue tie can also lead to social, speech, and continued feeding problems (what if you can’t lick your ice cream cone). I would find a surgeon who has a lot of experience and ask for a therapy script following surgery. Not all cuts are equal when it comes to clipping a tied tongue. Your surgeon should have knowledge of all the cuts and which is best for your babe. Hope this was helpful. And she’s a beauty.

  • Gail Atkinson

    My youngest (now 11) was also tongue tied. When we talked to the pediatrician about it he agreed that it needed to be clipped and took care of it in the office that same day. I was breastfeeding and noticed an immediate improvement in his ability to latch on and feed. He cried for a few seconds and it did bleed a little, but he was his normal happy little self by the time we left the doc’s office.

  • Annetta

    It is a simple surgery and recovery was nothing for our son. We did not have it done until he was closer to school age. That was when our pediatrician said it was time to get it done.

  • Jill

    I have worked in the oral surgical field for 37 years. We have seen numerous babies who were tongue tied. I would consult with a oral facial surgeon soon. We have treated some only a week old. We have waited in some cases until they were a bit older. If it is not affecting her ability to nurse they may choose to wait. i hope this helps you a bit.

  • p carpenter

    i am a grandmother and a day care provider in my home..i have kept many many babies over the little boy was very special. he was born early and also tongue tied.the doctors said wait and see what happens,kept putting off the surgery.well he was 4 yrs old and could not pronounce any words. could not blow bubbles or any normal function with his tongue.after many months of speech therapy they decided to cut his tongue..why the heck did they wait so long? he is almost 6 and just learning to say words properly.. my advice , as soon as possible do the surgery.. its very quick and fast recovery..he was eating and drinking normal the second day after,,they younger the better.

  • kay landers

    The medical field can fix this problem…Let them do it…..The rash was probably from the new clothing.. They recommend wash new things , before contact with skin…..

  • Denise Helton

    My best advice is to follow what her pediatrician suggests. If the problem is severe it can hamper her ability to speak correctly in the future. I know children who have had the corrective surgery without complications and they speak very clearly (under pediatric advice they were told without the surgery they would not speak as clearly as they would with the surgery). Love and prayers to all of you! Remember God has you in his loving care.

  • Copper Lynn

    Personally: I was tongue tied and as a baby, before I left the hospital they had clipped my tongue. I suffered a slight speech impediment with /r/ as a young child and it wasn’t ’till I was about 15 and started dating and kissing that they realized that I needed my tongue clipped a little more to keep the frenulum of my tongue from rubbing on my lower teeth and causing much pain. They clipped and cauterized and by that evening I was pain-free and having a much easier time pronouncing my /r/ … and as for the kissing, I finally realized it wasn’t all that bad after all hahaha.
    Professionally: As an SLP Para educator I would say definitely look at options though… It could (not in all cases) make a world of difference in her speech abilities both articulation and comfort level … if it’s uncomfortable to produce a sound she may replace it with another.
    Totaly look at all your options and get a few opinions for sure though.

  • Diana R.

    My son was so tongue tied he couldn’t nurse or drink from a bottle. He was fed with an eye dropper. The ENT came to the hospital and snipped,his frenulum. We have no regrets, but obviously we had to do it. I recommend doing it earlier than later. Easier for the baby.

  • BECKY Summers

    I was born tongue tied in 1958. Our family doctor clipped my tongue while i was still in the hospital when I was born. I would have never even known this if i hadn’t received my medical records when the doctor retired many years never affected my life in any way. My mother said she hadn’t even remembered it till I mentioned seeing on my medical records. So I would say get it fixed now while the child won’t even remember it. Good luck.

  • Sharynn Ferrin

    My little Melanir is now 8 months old and wass tongue tied and lip tied. It was so worth doing it. Stick with the stretchesat least every diaper change. BEFORE you feed her. Also the BEST stuff to give her was Arnica 30c. I can send you some if need be. I dont need it anymore and it will definitely come in handy when she has her tie done. 🙂 My little melanie had a SUPER tight tongue tie. She had hers done at 1 week old. She was 5lbs 12ozs when she got hers done. If you have any questions. I am here! 🙂 NICU mama here too! 🙂

  • Nancy

    I waited until my oldest daughter was four years old and it was horrible. My second daughter had it done as soon as it could happened and no issues. Three out of four grandchildren were tongue-tied and fixed before leaving hospital and again no issues unlike the trauma of an older child. Just do it now when your child will not feel a thing!

  • Linda

    I am 72 now, at four it was found that I was tongue tied, in speech therapy. The doctor clipped under my tongue that piece in center (underneath tongue) that allowed my tongue to move out of my mouth and pick in again, also allowed my tongue to reach above my upper lip and then below my lower lip. I remember being told if I sat real still, I would get a new toe, when it was finished, and we did. I got a doll.

  • Donna Ledington

    I don’t personally have any experience with tongue tie, but I have a friend whose son was diagnosed with it last year. He was like 5 years old with speech delay issues. You are very blessed that it was recognized early so she can be treated.