Husband Sleepwalking ?!

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So the weirdest thing has been happening and I want your opinion on what we should do – I do not think it is caused by fatigue because we are getting some sleep – about 5 1/2 hours a night. Everything started when Eric was staying at the NICU with Lawson. I would say this problem has been happening for the last week.

Long story short – Eric has a dream about the babies being our bed and he freaks out and tries and find them and cannot. But this dream is manifesting physically now.

What happens – I wake up to Eric muttering to himself ( what he says mostly does not make sense) but it is always something about the babies. His eyes are always closed as he goes through the blankets ( trying to find one of the kids). If I do say something to Eric it seems like he cannot hear me – he ends up walking over to the bassinets where the babies are and snaps out of dream- like state. It registers that the babies are where they are suppose to be.

This has happened at home for the last 4 days. It really upsets Eric — I would love any advice on how to break this cycle.



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  • Alicia

    I’m commenting about the sleepwalking husband. 🙂 I would guess that, just like most women develop insanely good hearing overnight after having our first baby/babies, this is his basic response to the need to protect and ensure your children are well. All of the conscious and unconscious concerns for the safety of your kiddos come forth when sleeping. It’s a huge change when you are responsible for someone else’s life. For us women, we have about 9 months to come to terms with this, but dads have it happen in a more significant way (all at once) upon baby’s arrival. 🙂 My husband stressed so much DURING my pregnancy that he brought in a really bad case of shingles. It all went away once he stopped stressing as much. 😉

  • Nicole

    We have a 5 week old little girl. My husband has always had night terrors and usually dives across the room, “kills the spiders” in the bed, or uses me as a human shield from gunfire. I was nervous to have Harper in our bedroom in the bassinet because of this. He has had several of these incidents where he is looking for the baby in the bed. It was very frequent at first but it slowed down. I think he did it once last week. I am able to shake him and yell at him before he actually gets out of bed and that seems to help him fall back asleep faster. It WILL get better though!

  • Carrie

    My husband had that same issue! It lasted for a few months and then went away. I’m not sure what made it go away, but it finally did.

  • Leah

    I was doing the same thing! I don’t have any clue how to break it but it lasted until she was maybe 6 months old. I would freak out almost every night thinking the baby was in our bed somewhere.

  • Carrie Henig

    Its sleep deprived. Most adults need 7 – hrs of sleep and he’s not getting anywhere near that… Add that to stress levels and you will continue to have problems like this (and more).