Baby Painting Idea – Mess Free

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Today, I wanted to have a little bit of fun with arts and crafts with Gwendolyn and Lawson.  I have a really great mess free way to play with paints that the babies can play with all they like and make beautiful pictures all by themselves.

The last time I got the paints out for these two was to decorate Christmas ornaments.  They were not quite ready to do much with the paint yet.  Lawson was still making fists and neither really had the tenacity, although Gwendolyn demonstrated more tactile instincts early on.  Gwendolyns bulbs came out a little bit nicer than Lawson’s because she had slightly more deliberate movements, but is wasn’t until about a month later that they both really began to use their hands a lot.  It seemed it was time to give painting another try and naturally, I turned to my daughter for this craft, because we have come to view her as the artist. One quick resolution to this as well is fairly easy, and quick yet can create a magnificent craft. Have you heard what is chalk paste? Will find out to know more.


We strapped her into her high chair and proceeded with the craft, which is very simple.  Take a sheet of plain white paper and squirt different colors of non toxic paint in puddles on the sheet.  Tape down a layer of plastic wrap over the top to separate the messy paint from your clean baby.  Then all there is to do is let your baby go nuts on the paints and make her own masterpiece.

I thought Gwendolyn would be a shoe in for this experiment,  These seven months have given us impressions on what our children are like and what there aptitudes will be.  However, we are often surprised and as it turned out, Little Miss had very little interest in painting.  I’m afraid she may have become upset after we strapped her into the chair we feed her in and we didn’t give her any food.  She loves food.  She began to cry before I could begin the art section, so I put Lawson in instead after he had been playing keyboard with his dad.  I had no idea he would be such an artist!  He had a lot of fun and made beautiful paintings.

I’m very surprised at Lawson’s emerging creativity.  I will be keeping a closer eye on both of my babies as we continue to encourage them to grow and be very careful not to hold either of them back by making assumptions about their inclinations.