Is It Right To Clean Out Clearance?

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There is really no right or wrong answer. I just would love to know what you think.

This is the photo from my local Walmart that had CRAZY clearance on baby items – we are talking $50 Graco car seats and diapers galore.

This photo is after I took what I wanted – so much of me wanted to snag ALL the wipes – especially the pamper wipes which were 75% off retail since they are the exact wipes we use daily with our twin 8 month olds. I know they would get used up and it would be money I would be spend anyways BUT I felt that was “wrong”. I told Eric what I did when I got home and he thought I should have taken them all since we will need them and my choice is costing us money in the end.

Now I am sitting here feeling bad that I messed up this AWESOME clearance sale 🙁

Hopefully all of that made sense 🙂