How Primo Water Changed Our Family Shopping Trips

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This post is sponsored by Primo® water. I use this system at home, and all opinions are my own.


Ever pass by those water refilling stations at the grocery store and wonder what it would be like to use one? It turns out it’s super easy and a huge money saver. When we make our weekly trips to the store for groceries, we bring along our five-gallon bottle and refill it quickly and easily with purified drinking water at 40% the cost of buying water by the gallon. The Primo water bottles are easy to carry, and you can swap them out at a Primo station or refill them conveniently at a machine outside your local store. You can even buy a non-spill cap for easier transport and piece of mind.



Our Family Shopping Trips

When we had a new baby on the way, we knew we would have to make some adjustments to our schedules to accommodate a fifth family member with a whole different set of needs. One of the ways we have built-in family time and saved more money on food is with weekly grocery shopping trips. Up until recently, it has been mama, dada, Gwendolyn and Lawson. We use two carts and we prep with a shopping list that takes advantage of the best deals and coupons.


It’s always a perfect bonding experience for all of us and we now recently added Lachlan to our trips. I’m sure we look pretty silly trailing through the store, but we have fun. One of the ways we used to spend a lot of money every month was on water. We don’t use tap water, and we like to drink a healthy amount of water every day. It’s especially important that Lachlan gets the safest water possible in his formula. That’s why we use Primo water. We never have to worry about filtration quality, and we always have plenty of access to clean drinkable water.

Is Tap Water Safe?

We have never trusted tap water. Reserves get contaminated, and there is not enough oversight to ensure that treated water stays safe to drink by the time it gets to our faucet. Even filter attachments don’t take out all of the common contaminants that are found in tap water, and the short lifespan of the filters means always replacing them, or worse, drinking water through a dirty filter. We tried other filtering techniques, but they never satisfied our concerns about drinking water from the tap. So we bought our water in bottles, stocking up on several gallons a week until Primo came along and changed everything.


My Choice Drinking Water System

We are heavy water drinkers because water is essential for good health and most people don’t drink enough of it. It’s vital that the water we drink tastes great and is free of any harmful contaminants. The most critical thing is that Lachlan’s formula is made with quality water since his system is still so fragile. I enjoy using Primo because I know that everyone in the family is getting the very best water and the benefits of the Primo dispenser and water.