Sweet Earth: Creative Easy Meals for Home

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This review is sponsored by Sweet Earth, available nationwide. All opinions are my own.

Eric and I have had to take a break from our kitchen. We don’t have the time to cook, let alone clean anything. Especially with Lachlan working us around the clock and the twins making a colossal mess out of everything. After so many cleanups, we decided to give ourselves a break and stock our freezer very well with food which we don’t have to prepare or use up dishes and utensils. Even though we stopped making food at home, we wanted to maintain the quality and flavors of meals prepared at home, so we really gravitated to the rustic and wholesome feel of Sweet Earth.

About Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth products are available nationwide. You’ll find them at your local Whole Foods, so look for them in the freezer aisle. The responsibly grown and sourced ingredients are a top priority bringing organics, sustainability, and plant-based proteins to the forefront. One of the things I love about the Sweet Earth meals is that they are not the same old entrees you traditionally find and they encourage a curious palate while remaining health focused. You can find out more about Sweet Earth, their mission, their story, and learn more about their products, here.

We, of course, went with Pizza. A LOT of pizza. We filled our freezer. We like pizza because it is inarguably the greatest food invention of all time and it eliminates any need for utensils. That makes it a natural choice for us because we like.a clean house but don’t have time to clean up any extra messes. The pizzas deliver in the ingredient department. You can see the quality, and the flavors are familiar, yet unique enough to make meals more exciting. I recommend looking into more foods from Sweet Earth and learning about the company and products. Sweet Earth is available nationwide, and you’ll see them at your local Whole Foods. Find Sweet Earth near you!