Pre-Term Labor Scare – Follow Up

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If you missed the first part of the story go HERE.

So here is part 2. I went yesterday morning to the doctor for follow-up. Still in pain and contractions. When the nurse took my pulse it was 124!

Usually it is about 95. She said you must be in tons of pain for it to be that high. I agreed.

But the bummer portion was my blood pressure – which has been the issue with the last 3 kids – the whole pregnancy it has been around 115/65 and when it was taken it bumped up to 138/88. I do think it has more to do with the pain I was in then anything else.

The midwife comes in – now I have had issues with this clinic for each one of my pregnancies but they are the ONLY option to give birth to the hospital I want for its NICU which we had to use with Lachlan. The midwife simply says you need more water. NOW I do not like making waves. But I am in tons of constant pain. I tell her – nope – I drink a gallon or almost a gallon a day — and she said I DO NOT!


Guys, it was a strange experience. She said my preterm labor test was negative two days before and she had no idea why I was there to see her. Seeing her was not my idea but the doctor in labor and delivery. Gosh everything went sideways in this appointment.

She measured my uterus and it is suddenly measuring wait for it ….. 3 weeks ahead – so 33 weeks?! When just a week ago it was 28 weeks. I asked her to remeasure – got a big NOPE! It is not a big deal since I have an ultrasound coming up – but still.

She checked my cervix and she had no problem to get to it – labor and delivery doctor had to push hard on my uterus to reach it. She said it was softer than ideal and maybe a little short but no biggie.

In the end – I am not drinking enough water.

I can tell you I drank over a gallon yesterday and I am still in the same level of pain. I know I can always go to labor and delivery.

I do not think I am in preterm labor at all but something is up – I think it might be my uterine scar since I got pregnant so soon after birth – and I am worried that I have 9 more weeks of constant pain which I am not the happiest about. I told Eric the pain is similar in level to when you stub your toe. But I am seeing my doctor next week I hope — I will be seeing someone – I have not seen my doctor in 2.5 months due to schedule shifts due to the virus.

Any advice would be great 🙂