We Had A Baby Scare Yesterday

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So yesterday was rough… and if I was being honest… today is rough too.

Basically what happened was this. I have been getting painful Braxton hicks for a couple of weeks. Went to my OB and she said they were prodromal labor – basically Braxton hicks that are painful – but something we have to be mindful about.

Yesterday morning I woke up in pain – like pain pain- the uterus and lower back from 5 am – at 9 am I decided to call the advice nurse and they advised going to the hospital. They hook me up – and BAM I am having contractions. I did not know I was having contractions since I was just in overall ( not being able to fully stand- up) pain. I did realize every 2 minutes or so the pain was getting worse then back to the normal amount of pain. This goes on for a couple of hours till the doctor runs a ton of tests.

I do have some good news – there is a pre-labor test and I passed!!! My cervix did seem a little soft to her but not open. I knew when they offered me lunch I would be there a while.

In the end – my contractions seemed to lessen up ( not going away). I was still in constant pain. But I was NOT in pre-term labor.

They gave me the option to stay and be monitored but I decided to go home. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow. I just did not want to be away from my babies.

By the time I went to bed I was still in pain but did not notice any contractions.

THAT brings up to this morning – BAM

Everything is back again – and as I write this now – 3:30 pm PST I have been having the same pain plus the contractions every 4 minute.

So I am going back in for evaluation at my OB tomorrow morning.

If you ever had anything like this – let me know – how much longer did you go on for? I am hoping another 9 weeks.

ONNNNEEE last weird thing. The nurse who was with me for 8 hours ( so knew how far along I was) – said to me while I was leaving – “see you in a few weeks”… I corrected her and said “we got another 9″ – and she said something like ” thats nice”. Struck Eric and I as odd.

Now a somewhat shameless plug – some have asked for the link for the baby registry HERE it is. CRINGE! I don’t think I have any gender hints – basically it is diapers and wipes