The Loud House: Absolute Madness — Season 2, Volume 2

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I received an advance copy of The Loud House: Absolute Madness — Season 2, Volume 2 in exchange for my honest opinion.

This has been a trying pregnancy. We all know how frustrating this health crisis has been. Being stuck at home and taking every precaution to stay healthy for months now has gotten to me. Especially as summer approaches, we are scratching at the walls to get out of the house. Add to that, my recent pains and concerns about my pregnancy with all the confusion healthcare providers are faced with. Add to that two rambunctious twins and an adventurous new crawler. Eric and I have had to evolve extra hands just to survive. With that said, sometimes we just need to put something on TV that we feel is okay for the kids, but it also won’t drive us crazy. I received a copy of Nickelodeons The Loud House: Absolute madness — Season 2, Volume 2 for review and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Available on Tuesday, May 19

The Loud House: Absolute madness — Season 2, Volume 2¬†is a two-disc set brand new to DVD. It comes with 13 episodes and it follows Lincoln Loud and his family of 11. ¬†There is always a lot of action in the family and with ten girls to one boy there are plenty of hilarious hijinks. The episodes include stories such as the girls switching rooms based on a compatibility test, and Lincoln and Lynn getting on Legends of the Forbidden Temple. The show is exactly what we have come to expect from Nickelodeon in its 40th year. There is a reason it’s the number one kid’s entertainment brand and we’ve enjoyed adding The Lud House to our collection. This two-disc set includes almost 5 hours of content and will be available on Tuesday for $13.99 at online retailers.