4 Essentials of stay-at-home mom resume in 2020

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Writing a resume that showcases your skills of juggling work with the dire responsibilities of a homemaker can be really stressful. Creating an achievements oriented resume can be hard since most women feel that they do not have experience of a traditional office go-er. 


Considering the independence and initiative required to work remotely, you have a set of skills that a traditional office employee does not. A well-crafted stay-at-home resume reflects that expertise concisely and clearly.


And, here is how you can create one.


Create a professional experience section


This is of utmost importance in a resume because working from home comes with the responsibility of being effective without the supervision of your employer/client. 


Your professional experience section should outline your major contributions that can give the client or recruiter an idea of your efficiency and the ability to get the work done. 


Here is how you can reflect your expertise here: 


  • Do not discuss your roles and responsibilities here. Instead, construct statements that showcase what you were able to accomplish. For instance, you can club relevant points under sub-headings that reflect your core-skills, for example, keywords research & content editing, etc. 
  • While constructing this section, do keep in mind the readability factor. The idea is to not have the recruiter look for key information in these points. Instead, it should come forth naturally. To do that, try quantifying the statements and highlight important words. Further, make sure each point does not exceed one-line. 


Leveraging the job description


Utilizing the description of the job for which you are applying, can help you modify your resume as per the specific skills and expertise that the recruiter is looking for. 


Let’s say you are working as a freelance writer and the job description heavily implies that they would give preference to applicants who adhere to deadlines. So here is how you can reflect that in your resume: 


Authored 3 articles in a day for a lifestyle website with utmost client satisfaction while adhering to the deadline


The above statement does not only showcase the individual’s ability to work effectively, but has also taken into account the factors stated in the job description. 


Showcasing your skills


When you are in the job market, you deal with a huge number of candidates who apply for the same job as you. In such cases, it becomes increasingly important to create a resume that can give an overview of your skills that is readable at a glance. 


Hence, you need to create a skills section in your resume to showcase your core skills and a few skills that are required for working remotely. 


Check the sample below: 

Further, stay-at-home moms have been working from home long before the general population was made to do so. Here are a few skills that are important for working remotely: 


  • Digital Communication 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • Team Liaison 
  • Time Management 
  • Motivation


Tip: Try a way to convert soft skills into professional expertise. For example, let’s say you need a way to write communication skills in your resume, you can convert it as team liaison, conferencing, client relationship, etc. 


Writing a profile summary


A paragraph of mere 3-4 sentences, it is an overview of your career accomplishments that binds the whole resume together. Limiting your word limit can make you wonder how can you summarize your entire resume in such a short space 


It is very important to be selective about the achievements you choose to showcase. You need to prioritize the information that is specific to the profile you are targeting along with the kind of experience you carry. 


For example: 


  • Write an objective statement if you do not have any professional experience. Talk about your abilities to be an essential worker and how you can provide value to the company. Further, an objective statement is also ideal for women who have gaps in their careers. 
  • Write a summary if you are an experienced professional. Create authoritative statements by beginning sentences with “proficient in” “skilled at”, etc. This highlights your ability to deliver upon a task and your key accomplishments. Also include the number of years of experience you carry. 




Provide your contact information and create a profile title in your resume. Use a functional resume format if you are a freelancer who deals with several clients. It will help you to showcase your skills rather than dwell upon the career profiles.