Psychology of Open Relationships: Who Benefits?

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Often, a family as a social unit is compared to rather hard work. At the same time, to achieve success, both spouses must do their best. Otherwise, it will simply not be possible to attain a positive result. But what does the psychology of open relationships say about the so-called relationships without obligations?

According to the data obtained from numerous statistical studies, open relationships with mail order brides from are considered more preferable by representatives of the sterner half of humanity. They do not need extra troubles and worries, just as they do not need responsibility for their soulmate and relationships in general. 


Moreover, every year there are more and more such men. At the same time, emancipated women easily accept the new rules of love, and completely forgetting about the elementary foundations of family life, simply let everything take its course.

On the one hand, it looks like that, but if to look more closely, in the understanding of women, the psychology of open relationships is designed to attach a man to themselves and, sooner or later, wait for his decision to move on to the serious stage of creating a family. The reasons for this female behavior are numerous:

  • A lady suffers from numerous hangups and does not dare to directly and boldly declare her rights;
  • Excessive love of a girl makes her lose her head and agree to any relationship, as long as the partner pays attention to her;
  • Indecisive women are afraid to change their lives and accept an open relationship imposed by their partner;
  • Having recently been burned in a previous relationship, a woman simply does not dare to even try to change the behavior of her partner.

Very often, the reasons for this are quite banal. It is worth focusing on the most common of them.


One Partner Dictates the Rules

Unfortunately, there are often situations in relationships when all the rules of the game are dictated by only one of the partners. The other partner, at the same time, is selflessly in love and ready to constantly be on the bit to maintain this relationship. In any case, a person will not be able to withstand such life’s injustice for a long time and sooner or later will give up their positions.

Fear of Dependence

Often, at the dawn of a nascent relationship, one of the partners declares that they are not completely ready to part with either their freedom or their personal independence. Most often, in this decision, they are accompanied by the fear of responsibility (dependence).

Unwillingness to Become a Victim of Hunting

Being hunters, each of us by nature understands that we can become a victim of a stronger partner than ourselves. As soon as we see that the approaching tempter is quite able to bend us to his will and involve us in a stable relationship, and even more in marriage, we will run away from him for the sake of our lives, in a tearing hurry.