5 Common Reasons behind Broken Relationships

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“They fell in love and lived happily ever after” – this is how typical relationships look for most people. In real life, though, not everything is smooth and okay. Love turns out to be far from the only reason why people start a relationship.

Unforeseen circumstances, complexes, and fears can also drive two, sometimes completely different people under the same roof. If the relationship hasn’t passed the stage of gradual rapprochement, the fairy tale turns into a sad reality – relationships become obsolete. Can this be avoided? Yes, if you know the true reasons behind relationships doomed to fail. You can also seek guidance from a relationship coach like the Alchemy of Origins, an expert in relationships to steer you away from the things that make a relationship fail.


There’s a category of people, especially among women, who hardly distinguish the boundaries between love and pity. When they come across a person in distress, they rush to aid. The maternal instinct turns on, and nothing can suppress it. Sacrificing their interests and wiping away tears, they bear emotional abuse, stonewalling, long-distance relationships, and more. At first glance, such relationships seem absurd, but each partner finds their own benefit in them.


Not everyone is capable of feeling self-sufficient, successful, and self-confident. Some spend huge amounts of energy to find that special someone. And in most cases, this isn’t about love but rather about the desire to settle one’s inner conflicts. “I’ll just find someone who’ll love me, and everything will be fine” – this is the most common delusion. A person who is unable to live peacefully with themselves and calmly endure loneliness can’t maintain the necessary balance between their own and others’ interests.


When passions rage inside and the relationship is full of romance, problems seem afar away. But only until a pregnancy test returns partners to the harsh reality. If the relationship is still at the dating stage, they get confused. The romance gives way to anxious expectations. Actions and inner maturity come to the fore. Reproaches are becoming more frequent. Don’t know if your loved one can manage a serious relationship, check out this “How well do you know your partner?” quiz.


Whatever one may say, society sympathizes more with family people. Never married? That’s strange. Not married? There’s clearly something wrong with you. Some people find it difficult to live constantly justifying their “unusual behavior.” Wherever a single person is, they’re faced with a monotonous reaction, “when,” “why,” “you’re missing a lot,” “kids are the meaning of life,” “time’s running out.” Some can’t stand it, marrying the first person they meet.

Past resentment

Wounded pride is capable of the most extravagant acts. It’s impossible to part with a painful past, which continues to dictate new realities. You need to prove to yourself and your ex-partner that everything’s not so bad. And your next relationship becomes a facade. One partner thinks they finally found happiness, and the other’s looking for ways to the ex their “ideal life” with cute photos, romantic posts on social media, at the same time trying to squeeze a new partner into their expectations and find similarities with the past. Such relationships are extremely unstable.