Use A Piece Of Bread To Pick Up Broken Glass

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Use A Piece Of Bread To Pick Up Broken Glass

Did a glass accidentally break? Well not to worry. You will be able to pick up all those tiny pieces ( you know those pieces that end up in your foot a month later). Simply take a slice of bread and PRESS over the area and throw it away – Simple 🙂


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  • Courtney C.

    that’s an amazing idea! my husband and i have limited kitchen space so we’re always knocking stuff over. we have broke at least 5 glass cups in the last year and *I’M* always the one that gets the glass stuck in my foot. i am definitely using this idea – thanks 🙂

  • Wendy

    This is not a very wise idea. A piece of bread full of tiny pieces of glass thrown in the garbage and subsequently found by wild animals and birds!

  • Ashley

    Well they didn’t say throw the piece of bread outside on your yard for animals and birds…its to throw in the trash. And by the time it gets to the landfill it will be so moldy and broken down that animals probably won’t eat it anyway. Not to mention smashed up and other batteries, sharp plastic pieces, liquids, and who knows what else spills all over that piece of bread. So I am going to take my chances on some birds that may or may not ever eat a piece of that bread rather then my foot getting glass in it.

    • Liz

      This is an excellent tip. I even vacuumed the floor after my kids broke something in their bedroom and STILL got glass stuck in my foot 3 weeks later! With an almost 5 month old who will be crawling soon …. I can use all the safety tips I can get!! And to add to that …. a few microscopic pieces of glass in a slice of bread in a LANDFILL is definitely not a major threat to wildlife. Think about all the chemicals that could also be absorbed by the same bread ……

  • corinne

    This is a great idea but id be scared the glass would come thru the bread. I use a large lint roller you can buy at Aldi works brilliantly.

  • Madi

    Dude the bird is not going to eat the stupid piece of bread you need to calm down this is a very helpful tip and stop trying to make us all feel bad for the animals thankyou Wendy