Restaurant FAIL ?

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So last night Mr.Savvy and I had a frugal date ( costing only $15 WITHOUT Coupons) – find out more about that HERE.

As we left the restaurant I saw this sign…. Now I want YOUR opinion if this a FAIL or not.

The sign says –

All You Can Eat

Monday  – Friday – $.99

Sat. – Sun. – $.99

Wait… Hold up … There is something that is not right here

So I went to take a quicker look

Even being only a few feet away I barely can read the sign.

When they changed the price of the deal – they used white paper and a highlight to write the number…

Why they would use a highlighter for a sign is really beyond me.

So I want to hear your thoughts – Do you think this is a FAIL? Do you think they thought the confusing advertising would bring people to their door? Or were they not thinking?