Top 5 Expense Tracking Applications that You Can Try

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Back in the day, the first-ever expense tracking mobile app came out several decades ago in 1983, and that, too, in the form of a desktop program, such as Microsoft Money and Quicken. However, we have all come a long way since then.

Now you have a phone-based and a web-based expense tracker application, which can help you achieve a new level of financial preparedness and knowledge. If you wish to keep a tab on your budget, you can try out any of these listed expense tracking apps.


Let us take a look at these applications one by one.


Intuit QuickBooks


Are you an entrepreneur with a small business? If yes, there is a good chance that you have been trying to run your business and personal finances all by yourself via an online expense tracking application. It can result in unprecise results, messy reporting, and constant struggle with striking a balance between your business and personal life. It can also result in issues with taxes, and in turn, hamper your personal finances.

You might not realize the importance of keeping your personal and business expenses separate, but if there is ever an extreme where you go insolvent, or your business is sued, you may ruin your personal finances too.


Quite similar to Mint, Intuit is undoubtedly a leader in the space, all thanks to its QuickBooks program. You can find QuickBooks in a myriad of editions and versions, depending on your business and computer needs, says Martha, who offers online C++ homework help services and manages her funds via Intuit QuickBooks.

Again not, the perfect application, but it is undoubtedly one of the best and the most prominent picks to cater to complete business management. It has contract management, expense tracking, and payroll together in a single application.


Personal Capital


If you are someone who has their money situation under control, but wishes to get better graphs and charts for your finances, you can try out the Personal Capital application, says Jason, an economics assignment help provider who is also a Personal Capital app user.

If you cannot afford an investment manager, this application can be of help. It has a free finance dashboard that is available for anyone who registers on the application. Trust us, when we say this, it is packed with features, and one better than the other.


The application tracks and then categorizes all the expenses you make using your linked debit or credit card. Based on your expenses, the application creates a chart to see your monthly cash flow. There is also an option to break down the expenses by category. It will help you dig deeper into your spending habits.

Of course, we would not say it is the best budgeting application, but we can assure you that it is powerful and helps you track all your finances, especially the investments you make.




It is an integrated application for tracking expenses. With it, you get insights into your spending habits via smart technologies and artificial intelligence. Wally’s primary focus is on expenses and it offers you feedback and some useful insight into your spending habits, says Kylie, who offers online do my paper services. Additionally, the application comes with a social feature for any shared expense.


Another significant aspect of Wally is that there are no live bank links. So, the users who continually feel apprehensive about the security issues will love this feature. The application has social features and appealing graphics that millennials, in particular, will love.


Clarity Money


Clarity Money is a tremendous financial application that works well with both web and online platforms. However, as far as the interface is concerned, it is a clear winner on the phone, owing to its easy navigation and intuitive design. It can support several accounts. What you may love about the application is its incredible card-style analysis. It will offer you an insight into your recent activity, such as subscriptions, savings, and spending.


One significant feature of Clarity Money is that it tracks the spending over time every month and compares it to your average monthly income, says Jenny, who offers the best product management courses and is a user of the Clarity Money application.

Via the application, it is easy for the users to see the top merchants they have been spending on with just a few minor screen taps. The app has features that can help you track or cancel your subscriptions and regularly add to your savings via the Clarity Money account.




How can we wrap the list of expense tracking applications without the inclusion of Mint? It is one of the best applications and a personal finance tool. It is a phenomenal application, and it is free to use. The application supports a myriad of lenders and banks. The best thing about the application is that it comes from one of the most trusted and largest names in the world of financial software, that is, Intuit.

Using this application, you will be able to seamlessly perform actions, such as budgeting, credit monitoring, bill payments, and expense tracking. Though Mint has been around for a while, it is still a full-feature tracker with a good number of options.


Again, Mint has some bugs in its software, and some new features are slow, but it is one of the best apps that you can use to keep a tab on your expenses.