5 Real Work-From-Home Jobs for 2020 

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The pandemic times and the challenging economic situation all over the world have forced many of us to go remote or work from home. Even those jobs that we would not consider as something that can be done beyond our office desks became possible in 2020. Of course, some challenges came up along, yet it has also introduced several new methods to earn more and add significant sums to our budgets. Regardless if you think about tutoring or providing psychological support online, the options to choose from are virtually endless! 

  1. Become an online teacher. It is not surprising that all kinds of educational courses went online to provide their services. If you have some background in teaching or providing helpful instructions in a certain subject, you can consider online tutoring employment. You can have a flexible schedule, deal only with private customers, and add some funds to your budget during these turbulent times. It is recommended to have a relevant certificate and have a good resume to be competitive for those that choose among the teaching proposals in your field. 
  1. Freelance translation jobs. Another popular work-from-home job in 2020 is freelance translation. Since the logistics and transporting of parcels have changed quite a lot due to the various restrictions, freelance translators that can be available during the off hours are in high demand. The same relates to the localization of the websites and various mobile apps. Make sure to consider this field of work and take time to check good translation companies in USA to see what are the basic requirements. As a rule, if you have a language certificate, you can earn twice more. 
  1. Psychological online mentoring. Even if you do not have a therapist’s background or medical education, it does not mean that you should ignore an opportunity to offer online psychological help. You may be an engineer who knows the subject and can offer help for those fellow engineers with PTSD syndrome or any other mild mental disorder symptoms. Since face-to-face meetings are mostly impossible these days, make sure to check various organizations to see what kind of help is required. It is not a secret that working remotely and living in social distancing became a heavy burden for most people, which is why psychological help is in great demand. 
  1. Editing and proofreading. If learning a foreign language does not sound like an option for you or online trading is not your cup of tea, consider working with the content in your native language. It can be the editing or proofreading of websites, journal articles, movie reviews, or anything that is published. If you have an academic degree in some field, consider editing content in those subjects that you are familiar with. In most cases, the salary for such kind of work-from-home is quite good! 
  1. Expert consulting services online. Another good option in 2020 is providing expert consulting via phone or video conferencing. It can be any subject and type of work starting with the helpdesk services to participating in remote conferences and webinars. In a certain sense, it will not differ much from your usual office work with the only exception of doing things online. Take your time to outline a good schedule, write down the key arguments, and practice your leadership and verbal skills online. 

Avoid Stress & Exhaustion 



Remember that working from home is quite different from following the usual office hours with helpful colleagues by your side. Since you will have to use various video conferencing methods to communicate, things can easily get stressful. If something goes wrong, take a deep breath and let your brain rest for at least ten minutes. 

Remember to have a bottle of water by your side and make sure that your workplace has enough light and feels comfortable. Take one step at a time and remember to have some rest and stretch your muscles once in a while! 


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