How To Properly Enjoy Your Favorite Wine

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Wine is a very flavorful drink; it has an abundance of aromas, tastes and textures. Because of this, it’s a good idea to learn how to drink it properly, so that you get the most enjoyment out of it as possible. There are several reasons why someone might want to learn how to enjoy wine properly.


Types Of Wine

Before you can enjoy wine the right way, you’ll need to know the different types available.  


  • White wine: White wine usually has a very mild flavor. This is because white grapes are not fermented like red grapes, making white wine an excellent choice for people who are new to drinking wine. White wines are typically served cold. 
  • Red wine: The color of this wine generally ranges from light purple, common to young reds. There are very famous red wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, and also lesser-known but delicious varieties such as Montepulciano Wine. If you want to try something different, you should read more about the guide to Montepulciano Wine.  
  • Fruity wines: If you are looking for a solid drink, full of flavor without being overly spicy, you should try fruity wines. These wines are typically quite sweet, and carry many different flavors. You’ll get a lot of flavor by pairing fruity wines with cheese or fruit. 
  • Sparkling Wine: Champagne is the most popular type of sparkling wine, mainly served at formal events or celebrations.



How To Properly Drink And Enjoy Wine 

Wine tasting can be a fun activity for anyone to do, but not everyone enjoys it. If you’re looking for a way to make it more enjoyable, you may want to consider learning the best methods. 


  • Check Wine Age And Alcohol Content First 


One thing you should look at when learning how to drink wine is the level of alcohol content. Wine travels low and high across the alcohol content spectrum, and some are much stronger than others. For example, red wines tend to have much higher levels of alcohol content than white. It’s best to learn how to taste the difference between various wines, which will help you pick your favorite. You can do this by looking at the liquid and smelling the different aromas. 


  • Drink It At The Right Temperature 


If you’re on a picnic and your wine is already warm, there are ways to chill wine. It’s important to do this, because you can only enjoy wine properly when it’s served at the right temperature. This is often between fifty and sixty degrees Fahrenheit, with some variations depending on the kind of wine. The most popular wines are those produced at higher temperatures, because they’re less susceptible to spoilage.

The main reason for storing wines at fifty to sixty degrees is that the temperature helps to keep the wine flavors fresh while keeping the alcohol levels low. Some other benefits include providing a constant humidity level, keeping a constant temperature and minimizing the amount of oxygen.


  • Drink With The Right Glass 


There are thousands of varieties of wine glass available to purchase and drink from. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of white wine with dinner or red with an appetizer, it’s important to learn the various types of wine glass to use. Depending on what sort of wine you’re drinking, you’ll want to use a certain glass. You can’t drink wine from anything other than a good glass, and to truly taste and enjoy your wine, you’ll need to invest in some different types of wine glasses. 


  • White wine: The basic white wine glass is a small-sized glass with a wide bowl. A well-known type of this style is the ‘satin’ white wine glass. These are round glasses that look like they are filled with white wine; however, the glass itself is often filled with mineral salts such as salt, sugar, or potassium.
  • Red wine: Red wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes. Most red wine glasses have a wider base, and are taller and broader than white wine glass. This is mainly because most red wines are strong, and the pointed shape captures the aroma and flavors of the wine. Most red wine glasses have a clear lip on one of the ends, making it easy to pour wine from the glass. This helps to maintain the clarity of the taste and avoids getting sediment in the mouth of the person drinking.
  • Champagne Flutes: This type of wine is a little more expensive than others, and is best served in a flute rather than in a large glass. This is because you don’t want to pour too much at once if you plan on drinking champagne; it’s most often used in celebration, and should be sipped slowly. However, there are larger champagne flutes on the market if you feel like having more of a serving.




  • Pair It With A Meal 


Wine is a powerful tool when paired with strong flavors, and for those of you who have tried pairing food and wine, you’ll know that this is true. Foods that are great with wine include beef, chicken, turkey, lobster, steak, salmon, sausage, and various vegetables. These foods will pair wonderfully with your favorite wine.

Some wines are dry, some are fruity, some are sweet and some are sour. This means that each wine has different flavors and unique complexities. Knowing what type of wine you like is essential when choosing which to pair with various dishes; this will make sure that if you choose a wine which clashes with your food, then you’ll at least be able to enjoy the drink.



There are certain things you should do to ensure that you’re enjoying your favorite wine correctly. Choose the age and alcohol content depending on your personal taste and tolerance. Also, don’t forget to keep the wine at the recommended temperature to maintain its quality. Finally, pair your wine with foods like steak, salmon and cheese. Pairing wine with the right food type will enhance the flavor of both the food and the wine, making it more enjoyable.