Top 6 Best Wine To Serve at Your Wedding

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Greetings and well wishes on weddings are always warm for the heart, especially if it comes with a toast!


Wedding toasts symbolize new beginnings and happiness for you and your partner. It celebrates and honors your union through reminiscing and heartfelt messages delivered by your closest friends and family. But a passionate toast comes with the best-tasting wine for you and your guests. 


Of course, you would want to drink something that matches your whole wedding vibe during the toast ceremony and the whole reception.

Armagnac makes an excellent after-dinner drink, and it can also be used in cocktails or as a cooking ingredient. If you’re looking to buy Armagnac online, we suggest checking out our selection at Spirits of France.

Aside from that, there are many more options you can choose from. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Pinot Noir

Going to tie the knot in the winter season? If yes, then Pinot Noir may be a good option for you. 


Its warm color and spices will match an emotional and spirited event, especially in a cold climate. This wine is a flavorful mix of plum, violets, cherries, and berries. It is also a light drink that works well with lamb, beef, chicken, fish, or pork meals. Being a flexible choice, it is a great selection for your guests who want to explore different meal pairings in your event. 

2. Cabernet Sauvignon

Try the famous Cabernet Sauvignon if you opt for a red wine with darker flavors. 


It is quite full-bodied than Pinot Noir and contains dark fruits like blackberries, plums, and black currants. The boldness of this drink pairs well with the savory taste of beef, duck, and other red meat marinated with rich spices. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular wines. Your guests won’t be overwhelmed by it, and they can feel comfortable and familiar with it instead. 

3. Chardonnay

Are you the white wine type of couple? You might want to consider the most popular kind for your wedding. Chardonnay can match the intensity of your big day with its rich flavors, creamy texture, and extreme fruit flavors. 


It comes in different varieties, but you would want to choose lightly oaked or unoaked ones. These variations have lighter acidity and stronger fruity flavors, making it enjoyable even if sipping alone. Aside from this, it can also work well with vegetables, seafood, chicken, and pork. It would also be important to note that this white wine typically has higher alcohol content! Giving a heads-up to your guests can be helpful! 

4. Riesling

There are many versatile wines to choose from, but you might want to put Riesling at the higher portion of your wine list. 


This aromatic white wine offers fruity, honeycomb, lime peel, and nectarine aromas to make your drinking experience enjoyable. Expect an acidic touch to your palate, similar to that of lemonades. It can be dry to sweet, so it is better to explore this wine first to get the right taste you prefer for your wedding. 


You can pair Riesling with shellfish, pork, and vegetables. 

5. Rosato

Rosato or Sparkling Rose is a red and white sparkling wine combination that balances your meal experience because of its fuller body. It matches the passionate love celebration of your day as its color ranges from light to dark pink. Similarly to Riesling, its taste can range from dry to sweet, so it is better to explore the taste you would like along the range. 

6. Prosecco 

Like Rosato, this is an Italian sparkling wine, but it tends to be sweeter. 


Its fruity, flowery, and peachy flavor can live up to the high spirits of your occasion. Also, it is, in fact, the best fit for a welcoming wine toast. It can serve as a warm-up wine for the guests and is perfect for cocktail hour. 


Please note that this kind of wine is better consumed while still young. 

Wrapping Up

In choosing the wine that perfectly suits your wedding, always consider your and your partner’s personality and wants for your dream wedding. Good wine can set the whole mood of your reception. So it is better to choose the kind that echoes your kind of vibe.