3 Unique Home Activities You Can Enjoy for Free or on the Cheap

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It is certainly getting tiring now but we are still suffering with the restrictions needed due to COVID-19. Lockdowns are back in place and we are now restricted to staying at home as much as possible. 2020 was a tough year and it seems that 2021 has started in a similar vein.

Boredom continues to be the biggest problem as we sit at home staring at the same walls all day long. You have probably watched the entire Netflix catalogue, cleaned the house so much that it is sparkling, and finished every odd job that needed doing. You are likely to have run out of things to do and playing games on your smartphone is only going to get boring eventually. 

However, while you have probably wracked your brain for new things to do in order to fend off this boredom, you might have missed some home activities that you can do for little or no money. 

Film Your Own Cooking Show

Sites like YouTube have allowed millions around the world to be the stars of their own show, so why not try it out for yourself. You do not need to worry about viewers, subscribers, or whether anyone else watches it at all – it is about the fun you’ll have making it.

A good suggestion would be to film yourself cooking a dish that you love making at home. You could even involve the family and have a great time as you try to do as professional a job as possible. Who knows, you might even pick up some fans that want to see some more of your cooking!

Online Bingo

One activity that you may not have thought of but is great fun, is to play bingo. No, you do not have to go and find a local bingo hall and besides, it is unlikely they would be open or are even allowed to hold events. Instead, you can enjoy bingo online at dozens of great UK sites. Bingo is an entertaining game that doesn’t only cost very little to play (pennies in fact) but could also bring you profits should you get lucky enough. 

There are tons of great sites that you can sign up with but if you are not sure which to go for, you can use sites like whichbingo.co.uk to help you find one that suits you. They will compare the bonuses, games, and everything else that you can expect at an online bingo site.

Make Your Own Family Scrapbook

Scrapbooks have seemingly died a slo death since digital photographs became a thing. Pictures are stored online, in mobile phones, or on computers. Physical pictures are a thing of the past but if you remember back when they were relevant, there was nothing more enjoyable, or embarrassing (depending on the pictures) than going through a family scrapbook with your parents, grandparents etc. 

Of course, the fun isn’t just in looking through a scrapbook as making them is hugely entertaining too. You and the kids can sift through the photos you want and have a great time remembering the memories and moments they captured. Once you have established what you are going to use, you can then put them all in the scrapbook and have the kids personalise it. 

Found Something to Do?

Hopefully the above options will help you and your family avoid boredom, for the time being at least. Or perhaps they have helped you to think more creatively and you have come up with something of your own? Either way, the world has to return to normal eventually, so let’s just hope that day comes soon.