How to Learn Music in Four Easy Steps in Atlanta, Georgia

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Did you know that Atlanta is known as the capital of the music industry? Yes, it is. Music is considered to be one of the things that Atlanta, Georgia is famous for, mainly hip-hop, RnB, and some alternative soul, along with brain-influencing gospel music, indie, and some rock. Moreover, classical, country and blues music have also been buried within the history of Atlanta. It is a city of music and musicians, and consequently, it is a city where concerts and live music shows are a part of a regular day. If you’re planning to teach music in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s important to consider setting up a Georgia LLC for liability protection and tax benefits.

Considering how popular Atlanta is in music composition, it is, undoubtedly, every Atlantan life’s dream to learn music and compose it. If not the profession, music is surely one of the most dominating professions in the city.

We see a lot of people trying to learn music and become recreational musicians. Although every musical dream should be considered with equal hope, not everyone known where to go to learn music, what to do to be able to create some notes, and how to make time to focus on their passion for music.

If you have been on the receiving end of such problems, then don’t worry anymore. We have created this guide especially for the people of Atlanta to let them know four of the amazing ways to learn music. 

Just keep on reading. And I am sure you will find your way.

4 Ways to Learn Music as an Adult

Before we get into the ways to learn music, I think you all can use some motivation. First, learning music not only is super fun and relaxing, but it also improves your memory. 

Second, any instrument you play, you are using at least one or two parts of your body, which means that your muscle coordination is getting stronger. 

And lastly, if learning to play an instrument has been your dream, then you don’t need any other motivation to follow it. 

Read the four ways below and fulfill your dream to learn music.

  1. What Music Do You Like? Make a Decision

When we listen to music, we don’t really stick to one genre or one instrument. Sometimes we hear neo-soul to relax, other times we prefer jazz. At discos, we prefer rock bands, and at indoor get-togethers, we prefer simple piano. The point is: you are free to make any choice you want when it comes to listening to music; however, that’s not the same with playing music.

You have got to keep your head clear about what kind of instrument you want to play based on what kind of music do you like to play. For instance, I like to play the harmonica, also known as the mouth organ. And one of my friends loves to play the guitar; he spent a whole year just learning it. 

Well, I know that if you haven’t thought about it before, making a decision now can be overwhelming. What do I choose? How do I choose? I like everything, where to specialize? Questions like these are normal. And they are perfectly answerable.

First, what kind of music do you always find yourself listening to? If it is rock, pop, synth wave, and R&B, like The Weeknd, Beyonce, The Midnight, and Drake, a guitar/electric guitar might be perfect for you. But if you listen more to alternative bands, like Lana Del Rey, Cigarettes After Sex, or Carpenters, you could try playing the piano. However, if you want to ditch the mainstream field and try to follow a different style, you could try playing the banjo, mouth organ, or violin.

Make a decision, and then move to the next step.

  1. Find a Place/Person for Music Classes

One thing is to be clear here: you can either learn music for yourself and struggle for months or maybe years, or you can start finding the place or a person for music classes and speed up the learning process. Living in Atlanta is what’s going to help you here. The city is literally filled with music ambassadors, so sooner or later, you are bound to find someone experienced and professional to teach you the instrument you want.

To make this search easy for you. Let me give you some advice. Most people who want to excel in more than one instrument select piano for a start. That is why there are quite a lot of places in Atlanta for piano lessons. If the piano is what you want to play, here are the best piano lessons in Atlanta for you.

Aside from the fact that music is something that we can only learn if we properly feel it, the world is going through a rough patch right now—what with pandemics and all. Therefore, some of the best music schools in Atlanta have switched their classes to online platforms. If you are okay with online music classes, check out Skype music lessons and sign up.

Another option that you have is to take private lessons. You can hire a music teacher who will come by at yourself at a time of your convenience and teach you your favorite instrument. That might be a bit expensive for you, but it sure is going to make you an excellent musician.

For people who love to play the violin, check out the deals on private violin lessons in Atlanta. 

When you have found the right person or place to learn the instrument you want, move on to the next step of the ladder.

  1. Set Your Goals and Stick to Them

You have the instrument you want to play; you have the teacher to teach you to play, you have the passion for it—now, you just need an objective. That means you need to set a goal to achieve and let your teacher help you in that mission. 

The goals you will set should be realistic. For instance, if you are learning to play the piano and want to be as good as Ludwig van Beethoven in 3 months, then your goal is unrealistic. A goal you need to set should be more like learning to play a full song in 3 weeks, and composing your own amateur song in 3 months, and more.

To accomplish these goals, you need to stick to the schedule of practice. If your teacher has told you to practice for an hour, you do that. If your teacher has told you to write your own tune, you do that, no matter how bad you write it. And if you think you are practicing less, boost your routine and start practicing more. 

I know music is your passion and you are only doing it because you want to; no one is forcing you to do it. However, if you take things lightly, you wouldn’t be as accomplished as you would be if you stick to the schedule.

  1. Perform in Front of Other People

When considerable time has passed and you have properly learned to play the instrument, maybe even composed your own song, it is time for you to come into the spotlight. Your last step should be to be confident enough to perform in front of other people. And don’t take this the wrong way; don’t think that your learning period is over because you can perform in front of other people, this is just the start of your learning. 

There are multiple learning curves in performing in front of the audience. 

One, you learn to instantly rectify your mistakes. There’s no “restart” option. If you have stroked the wrong chord, you cannot restart the tune. You need to cover your mistake in a way that doesn’t affect the rest of your performance.

Two, performing in front of the audience gives you the courage and motivation to do better. You perform, people clap; but when you get back to your comfort zone and your mind sheds light on what happened on the stage, you encounter multiple scenarios where you could’ve done better—it’s self-analyzing. And that is what motivates you to better next time, that is what makes you a true musician.

Lastly, reviews matter so much to a musician. If your friends and family were in the audience, you can invite them backstage and ask their reviews, opinions, feedback, recommendations, suggestions, and whatever words of honesty they have to offer. That would make you realize how you did, and what can you do better. 


That was all. Just remember to never stop the cycle of learning. The better you get at music, the more there will be to learn—there is always space for improvement, and you need to keep filling that space. Good luck in your music journey.