Certbolt CompTIA Network+ vs. CCNA – Who Wins This Battle & How Practice Tests Are Helpful?

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If you ever thought of exploring the networking industry, having an IT certification would be the first prerequisite that you have to encounter. The two most famed IT badges that make your career launch in the IT industry smooth and easy are the Certbolt CompTIA A+ Certification 220-1002 Dumps Network+ and the Cisco CCNA. Both are the gold standard of IT credentials and help specialists to firm their feet in the industry. By using practice tests and good reference material, one can clear these two accreditations and their related exams coded the Network+ N10-007 and 200-301 with flying colors. But, which one is more beneficial and renders more opportunities for you? Finding the answers to this question is important as you will have to make only one choice. Thus, the picture would be a lot clearer when you know about the offerings of both these certifications. So, in this article, we are sharing with you a crispy yet detailed analysis on this part so that you can make a concise choice. Let’s get started then!

Network+ vs. CCNA

So, we can compare the Network+ and the CCNA according to the following criteria:

  • Accessibility 

The Certbolt CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Dumps Network+ is an entry-level certification which means that there are no special prerequisites to meet. Any novice can go for this badge and begin his/her career journey. We guess this definitely shows that the Network+ is easily accessible. In comparison, to earn the CCNA credential, you need a minimum of 1 year of work experience as it’s an associate-level certification. Hence, not everyone can go for it. Overall, the CCNA is suitable for those who have already made into the networking industry and gained hands-on experience. 

Final verdict – the Certbolt CompTIA Network+ is more accessible and viable then the Cisco CCNA. Anyone can give it a shot without any qualms. 

  • Job Scope 

The Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification and makes you competent in basic IT skills that are applicable in the general networking world. Your learning will hold merit in almost every company and industry which means the scope of numerous jobs is diverse. With such a badge, the world is your oyster and you can vouch for many big organizations. Companies like HP, Dell, and Intel prefer a vendor-neutral credential for entry-level jobs. On the other hand, the employment opportunities are very limited in the case of the CCNA certification as it makes you a specialist for one product only so you will be able to understand the modus operandi of the Cisco tools exclusively. Even though the Cisco penetration is deeper in the IT industry, it is not omnipresent. 

Final verdict – The very purpose of having an IT certification is to have better job opportunities. The Certbolt CompTIA 220-1001 Dumps Network+ definitely works commendably at this front. With the CCNA, the job scope is rather limited. 

Who Should Go for CompTIA Network+? 

You can pursue the Network+ if you’re: 

  • Looking for an opportunity to make big into the networking industry while having no prior experience; 
  • Aiming at diverse job roles and multiple career opportunities;
  • Targeting multiple companies and want to become a universal asset to them.

And How about CCNA? 

The Cisco CCNA is a good option for all those who: 

  • Have already taken steps into the networking industry;
  • Possess commendable work experience to support their skills.

In conclusion 

Both the Certbolt CompTIA SY0-501 Dumps Network+ and the CCNA hold great significance for networking specialists. However, each one works in a different direction. If you’re a beginner and want to become a part of the networking industry, then passing your N10-007 assessment will provide you this breakthrough. As opposed to it, the CCNA is a viable option only for those candidates who are already part of the IT industry and need something extraordinary to hone their skills. So, make a choice based upon your situation and have better career prospects. In the end, use quality and latest practice tests to study and refer to the official syllabus in order to pass the exam you have picked.