Adventure Seekers: Top Places to Travel for Outdoor Adventurers

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Image Source: Pexels


Adventure seekers know that the traditional vacation spot won’t satisfy their urge to experience the most extreme action-filled and adrenaline-inducing locations. There are plenty of exciting places all around the world that will scratch your death-defying itches. For those who rather mountain bike off the side of a cliff than sip a martini next to still waters, this list is for you.

Start in the Adventure Capital of the World, New Zealand

New Zealand is an adventurer’s paradise, and anyone looking for thrills and excitement will take a trip there at least once. Try ziplining off the Remarkables mountain range, canoe in the remote locations of Auckland or Nelson, and bungee jump off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. That’s not even close to the number of things you can do in New Zealand! There are lots of adventure tours in New Zealand that will certainly give you lots of excitement. Try off-roading in the Ninety Mile Beach, caving in the Waitomo Caves, and jet boating in Lake Taupo’s Huka Falls.

Air Tours and Sky Diving in the Grand Canyon, United States

Getting a view of the desert from a watchtower, touring the national park, and taking a trip to Hualapai Ranch are just some of the many great activities to do in the Grand Canyon, but why stop there? If you want to see the Grand Canyon from a helicopter or plane for a relatively safe adrenaline kick, you can do so with a guide. Or, why not go the extra mile and skydive with a qualified instructor from that same plane? You’ll see the national park from a whole new angle.

Take a sailing tour in Croatia
Croatia is a country full of adventure and excitement. From ancient sites to mountains and beaches, Croatia offers something for everyone who enjoys exploring the outdoors. An amazing way to experience the country is by taking Croatia cruises from Split to Dubrovnik which offers tourists the chance to explore Croatia’s picturesque coastline, national parks, tranquil villages, and cultural landmarks along the way. You will be shown some of the most remarkable views and provided an opportunity to experience Croatia in its rawest form – from the stunning Adriatic Sea!

Hiking Across the Patagonia Mountains, Argentina

Adventurer’s that love the outdoors will get a lot out of the Patagonia mountains. Fishing, climbing, hiking, kayaking, and biking are all accessible and affordable on most budgets. The W Trek Lago del Desierto Border Crossing and Huemul Circuit are all must-sees for avid hikers. In fact, there are many places in Argentina to hike. You can even look for locations to hike with your dog, so you can make the activity more of a family event.  You can explore most of Torres del Paine National park by bike, the Gey and Serrano Rivers by kayak, and the Piedra Parada by climbing. All locations are easy to get to by bus or car.

Extreme Water Sports in Alaska, United States

The lone US state that sits nearest the Arctic Circle excels at extreme watersports. While you can experience zip lining, glacier hiking, or heli-skiing, there’s more in store, or you’re a strong swimmer. Go ahead and pass all of that up for the class five or six rapids that pull whitewater rafters through the glacier-carved fjords like they’re nothing. After brushing yourself off from the frigid cold, take a dip in the hot spring, or take one of the many tours across the snowy tundra.

Do Everything by Traveling to the Small City of Bled, Slovenia

When we say that Bled in Slovenia has everything an adventurer could ever want, we truly mean it has everything. Located at the base of the Julian Alps, Bled is thriving with lots of things to do like whitewater rafting, caving, ice climbing, canyoning, and underground kayaking. By kayak, travelers can go through an underground mine for an 8-hour adventure in total darkness, with only a headlight to see a few feet in front of you. Who knows, you may awaken a monster!

Snorkel in the Deep Waters of Maui, United States

Equal parts scary and serene, the deep waters of Maui are filled with incredible creatures and sea life you can’t find anywhere else in the world. In the reefs of Maui, you’ll see a Yellowmargin Moray Eel, the Spotted Pufferfish, Boxfish, the Parrotfish, Moorish Idol, Butterflyfish, and the incredible Green Sea turtle. If you want to chase waterfalls instead, visit the Maui rainforest, or see the island paradise from above by ziplining through the forest canopy at top speed.