Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Band

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Choosing your wedding band is a big decision. It is the most important wedding purchase you will make, that will stay with you for the rest of your marriage.

You are wearing wedding band as a symbol of your love and commitment for a lifetime, so choosing your wedding band needs a careful consideration. Here are some tips to help you buy wedding bands you will love wearing all day, every day, for the rest of your lives.

Metal Choice

One of the main things to consider is the metal of your wedding bands. Gold is a superb choice, and is now available in various tones like yellow, white, and rose. Many contemporary designs combine different gold colours too. Platinum is another popular choice. While still not scratch-proof, the lustrous white metal is more resistant to wear than gold is.


How your band feels on your hand is determined by its profile, the cross section of the ring. Standard rings are flat on the inside, while comfort fit rings feature a curve on the inside of your ring, which is more comfortable for prolonged wearing. The design of your ring will affect its feel too. For lasting comfort, look for rings that are finished smoothly, with soft round edges, even on fancy ring designs.


Diamond wedding bands can be stunning, and classic designs like the eternity band have stood the test of time. Many wedding band designs offer matching sets with the bride’s ring accented in diamonds, although grooms need not shy of gemstones. A subtle sparkle in a chunky or flat-profile ring looks very masculine.



Your wedding bands are meant to be worn all the time, so don’t go for the really pretty ring that you know you will just end up taking off every time you do the dishes. Look for rings that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyles. If you are into sports field, or play a musical instrument, choose a smooth, round-edged ring that won’t cut into your fingers, and avoid gemstones which can come loose from their settings with heavy impact.


Matching Wedding Bands

Choosing your wedding bands from a set makes shopping easier and simpler, but if none of those speak to you, there is no reason why you can’t buy your rings separately. However, your wedding bands should still have an element of similarity, such as both being white gold, or having the same engraving, to mark them as a pair. They are a symbol of your commitment to each other, after all.

Wearing Band with Your Engagement Ring

If you plan on wearing your wedding band together with your engagement ring, think about how they will look together, as well as how they touch. Simpler bands will look better with a more intricate engagement ring, while a classic diamond band will add sparkle to a solitaire. Look for wedding bands in the same metal and a similar width to your engagement ring so that your band doesn’t overpower it, or think about customizing your engagement ring and your wedding band together so that they interlock and complement each other.

When you are buying your wedding band, don’t just think about your current style, but imagine yourself wearing them through the years of marriage ahead. Unlike an engagement, which is intended to be a surprise along with the proposal itself, you are both pretty sure that you are getting married, so it would make sense to know what his ring size is for the wedding band. The ring should not slide around too easily or fall off his finger, but big enough to slide over the ring finger knuckle comfortably.

Once you know his style, you can start narrowing down your options to rings that fit within your budget. It is quite important to have a set budget that you will stick to, otherwise, you might fall in love with a ring that is thousands of dollars over what you intend to spend. Alternatively a less expensive option is getting a man made diamond. Some jewelers are growing diamonds in a lab that are identical (almost) to a commercial organic diamond.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Bands

Wedding bands come in various metals, metal colors and setting styles, and with and without gemstones or diamonds. The decision of whether to match your wedding band with your partner’s is entirely up to you. For a beautiful, timeless wedding band, match the style and personality of your someone special. You can always make changes to your wedding band  any time to mark your anniversary or keep up with your changing style preferences.