7 Brilliant Home Remodeling Ideas

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Are you in the mood to remodel your home? Nate Berkus said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” As you grow over time, your home will age and grow with you. It will tell the story of your life down to the places you’ve been, the principles you value, and the art you love. If you are looking more home decor ideas make sure to check out home decor outlet

There are two homes that tend to get updated far less often than the others. Often, that’s because they take a little more money to update than the other rooms. If you’ve got the budget for it, then it might be time to give your kitchen and bathroom the upgrade that they need. This might be as simple as changing countertop materials, flooring, and windows. However, it can also include things like switching out the bath for a walk-in shower or changing the kitchen layout to make it a much more efficient workspace during food prep and cleaning. To see different options of kitchen layout to an outdoor set-up, you can visit it from RTA Outdoor Living.


In this process of growth and change, your home should reflect the changes you develop from and welcome its own transformation. This gives room for renovation or remodeling which improves on the broken, damaged, or outdated parts of your home. If you’re looking for reliable and experienced manhasset hill contractors to help with your home renovation or remodeling project, don’t hesitate to reach out to a reputable contractor in your area. The process allows room for a more aesthetically pleasing look and functionality. Add a wall piece that will be useful for your entire family from Best Wall Clock.


Generally, home remodeling ideas center around the rooms, their appearance, and their purpose. With the plethora of D.I.Y. boards on Pinterest, home magazines, and creative social platforms the possibilities are endless. When it comes to brilliant home remodeling ideas, it can be as complex or simple as you would like.


Add a Splash of Color

By adding color, you will instantly elevate your space. It is an immediate facelift. The right color will compliment not only your home but your lifestyle and set the tone for the room. You can also check trimthatweed.com for a step by step guide to painting your kitchen cabinets” This can be done in many ways.


Create a big impact by painting your walls a new color or better yet, add texture with artisanal paint styles, wallpaper, or hand painted designs. Keep in mind your desired aesthetic as different colors will have varying effects as well as color combinations. Complimentary colors tend to pair well together, especially in open floor plans where two or more rooms do not have a divide.


Keep in mind the lighting, in regards to, both natural and artificial lighting. It may not be aforethought, but lighting can change the entire appearance of your space. Depending on the color and brightness of your interior lights and the natural light that floods in, the wall color might vary throughout the day. To get an idea of what type of lighting would match your design, you can see different lighting options at Steel Lighting Co.

Throwout the Cabinets

Cabinets can easily make a kitchen appear cramped. This is particularly true for small or half kitchens, notably with low ceilings. Kitchens with higher ceilings and more space may not experience this but, at the same time, seem crowded and feel heavy. Replace your outdated cabinets with open shelving


It will breathe a life of fresh air into your kitchen and open the space up. Your kitchen will also feel lighter and brighter. If you are not quite ready to let go of having cabinets, you can also give the illusion of space by switching out the cabinet doors with glass or utilizing another material that allows your cabinets to blend into the kitchen instead of taking away from it.

Create an Accent Wall

Start from the base up when creating your accent wall.  It will be an eye-catching area and complimenting point to the rest of the room or house.  It’s best to match the color of the wall to whatever objects you decide to create the accent.


You can accent your wall with organic shelving, such as wood or stone, abstract wall art, or even hanging fabric. A common route is creating a photo wall that is comprised of travel or lifestyle photos, word art, or family photos. This would actually be the perfect space to start building a generational photo wall.


Add an Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are historically held as the center of the home, but it may be unnecessary, too hot, or simply not functional to have a traditional fireplace. A mid century electric fireplace can elevate the aesthetic of your family room or living area, allowing a social center point without detracting from the space of the room.


As it would be still considered an electronic piece of equipment, although decorative, it is pertinent to have an electrician install your electric fireplace unless you have some knowledge or expertise. There are clearance requirements and installation steps that must be closely adhered to.

Liven Up Your Patio




A patio can easily be a forgotten area, especially during the summer in hot locations; however, this spot can be the center of the home if you liven it up. Unless your patio area is enclosed, you may want to try going for a natural or earthy vibe to connect to the outdoors, bringing in low maintenance or local plants.


Replace old or damaged patio furniture with weather-resistant furniture in a modern style. Lay down new flooring or even paint and seal the concrete for a refreshed surface. Add an outside bar and grill to make your patio the place to be. If you want to upgrade your area, you can hire a paver patio contractor and improve the look of your outdoor landscape.

Downsize or Upgrade Your Closet

Closets can sometimes be a challenging thing. They may either be too big and clunky or too small and not functional. In remodeling your closet, it’s best to know your personal style, whether you bend more towards minimalism or extravagance. Choose the aesthetic that will work best for you and decide if you would rather do it yourself or outsource.


A popular trend found as people look to get more organized and sustainable is modular closets. Modular closets are wonderful in that they can come pre-designed or you can get a free custom design to start your journey to a happier closet.

Make Use of Nooks, Crannies, and Unused Closets

Have you ever thought you had too much house? Sometimes you may have more space than you actually use or need. This presents a fabulous opportunity to delve deep into your inner passions and hobbies and create a safe space just for them.


Previously, it was mentioned how you can transform your closet to make it more functional. You can also utilize that space for another purpose. For instance, you can create a reading nook by opening up the space, modifying its shape, and adding a fresh design. Don’t forget the pillows!


Perhaps you have a bigger space. For the bookworms out there, this would be the opportune time to build that custom library and fill its shelves with your favorite books. If you have a unique hobby or craft, transform the area into your designated workspace.


Find What You Like



No matter the reason, when you are a homeowner, there is sure to be at least one remodeling project in your future. Your home ought to be your sanctuary, a place where the elements will bring calm and the space will soothe your soul. This can be done with brilliant home remodeling ideas.


One of the most important things to remember when remodeling your home is to not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes you may not know what you like or if you truly like something until it’s in your home. That’s why having an assortment of ideas is great! Try them out and see which one has you fall in love with your home all over again.