How to Get Rid of 4 of the Most Common Household Pests

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Insects and certain mammals can create issues if they enter our properties. Irritating pests can damage our homes and spread diseases. If you are searching for a solution to eliminate insects or rodents in your house, it is best to receive help from an expert pest control service. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to manage 4 of the most common household pests.


When you have flies in the house, it can drive you crazy. Nothing is more annoying than having a fly buzzing around your ears and spreading germs all over your kitchen surfaces and food. These ghastly pests can spread diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever and cause people to become ill with salmonella.

Flies can be removed from your home by using fly spray, hanging sticky flypapers around your home, and making sure you shut your doors, windows, and fly screens.


Mice and rats are bigger than insects and can be more frightening when they set up a home in your property. These furry fiends can do more damage to your home than insects as they can chew through electrical cables, insulation, and walls. 

As well as destroying the structural aspects of your house, rodents can spread disease. They run through your home and leave urine and feces containing viruses and bacteria everywhere.

Humane mouse traps can be purchased at a local store or online and set up around your home. If you have a rat problem, you are probably best to call in a professional pest control agency. As rats and mice can carry disease, it’s pretty important to get a rat exterminator London in as quickly as possible.


The Common Clothes Moth and Case-Bearing Clothes Moth can do real damage to the soft furnishings in your home. The larvae or caterpillars of the moth eat through carpets, furniture, and clothing.

To prevent moths from laying eggs in your home and destroying heirlooms such as your childhood teddy bear or your mum’s wedding dress, ensure you regularly vacuum your carpets and empty the bag. Wash clothes properly – even those you haven’t worn in a while, and hang up sticky flypapers around the house. 

Moths are attracted to dark, damp areas, so keep your house well ventilated and filled with natural light. Aromas such as cedar, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, and lavender repulse moths, so hang bags filled with these essences in your wardrobes and around your home.

Moths can not only damage your clothes but also even your carpets. If you want to learn how to deal with those then follow this guide on how to get rid of carpet moths.


Termites are attracted to cool, dark places such as under the floors in properties and in the wooden framing which they devour. Signs of a termite infestation include loosening of wall and 

floor tiles and frequent electrical short circuits as termites are attracted to the warmth but will chew through the cables. If you notice blistering and cracks on a surface such as wood or laminate, knock on it, and if it sounds hollow, you likely have a termite problem.

You can attempt to eradicate termites from your home with termite baits, chemical sprays, and boric acid set up around your home. Still, it is best to call in a professional as termites can do serious damage to the structure of your home.