8 amazing pastel DIY ideas for decor

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The way people decorate their homes has changed dramatically. Contrasting interiors are more popular these days, with only a few individuals opting for a completely monochromatic room.

Some want a house that is flamboyant and dazzling. Red, green, and yellow are some of the bright colors they use in their experiments, and they integrate them to decorate a bedroom and give it a lively feel.

There are others who choose a more modest approach. Their preferred color scheme is one of the soft pastels. Colors like mauve, lilac, mint green, and others may soften their interiors while still making them seem elegant and affluent.

For those who want their house to exude an air of subtle elegance while yet being fashionable, pastel colors are a wonderful choice. Here are eight creative DIY ways to use pastel colors in your house.

8 DIY Ways to Incorporate Pastels in Your Décor

1. Start with Small Pastel Hints

Appearance for used items from garage sales and resale stores that need a little TLC, and then paint them a pastel shade of your choice to give them a vintage, shabby-chic look. If you think it’s hard, think again.

Opt for something bigger, such as a china hutch or farmhouse-style kitchen table, if you’re sure you adore pastels. Are you in the mood to get your hands dirty?

Then, spray paint them all the same pastel hue after finding mismatched picture frames, sculptures, and vases at yard sales. Then, disperse them all around the room or on many different shelves to create a diverse but unified collection of accents.

2. Recreate a Country Cottage Look

Pastel colors go with any style, whether it’s Shabby Chic or classic cottage design with its rustic worn look. Models, solids, or a combination may be used to start with furniture and then matched.

Produce natural effects by using pastel hues such as white, yellow, rose, emerald, and aqua. Wood that has been seasoned and worn may provide a beautiful backdrop for vintage finds that bring out the rustic feel of the space.

3. Incorporate Pastel Paints or Wallpaper

You may have a fanciful look in a child’s room with wallpaper, or you can have an exquisite look in the kitchen with pastel-painted walls. Regardless, when it comes to wallpaper, moderation is key.

Decide on one wall and make it the main point of your room. If you’re in an office, for example, you could put up wallpaper behind a desk to make it the focal point. Using this technique, your renovation will have just the perfect amount of panache.

Fortunately, paint has a wider range of applications. Pale green or blue kitchen cabinets or an entrance painted in a dusty rose color is an easy and certain method to incorporate pastel into your home’s décor.

4. Deploy Pastels on Chairs or Seating Areas

For those of you who are more reserved and are hesitant to paint a whole wall or cover an entire wall with wallpaper, fear not. We’ve got you covered. Simply pay attention to the furniture or other decorative accents in your house.

Easy, cheap, and more convenient for renters are all reasons to choose this method. Upholstering or painting your dining chairs may give your room the subtle touches you want. It will also draw attention to your dining room, living room, or kitchen’s sitting space.

5. Pastelize your Household Staples

Accessorizing is a great method to include pastel colors into your home design, as we’ve previously said. It’s a piece of cake to mix and match brightly colored home goods, such as lamps, cushions, and kitchen appliances.

You may prevent your house from seeming like a construction zone by utilizing modest accents. Add some beauty to your home design by scattering soft cushions around the room or placing a colorful toaster on the kitchen counter.

6. Get Frames Pastel Art Pieces

Framing artworks is an alternative for a short-term commitment. Adding a light touch of color to a room with pastel painting is an excellent way to make it seem more welcoming.

Colorful framed art on a plain wall can immediately liven up a space. Property owners interested in leasing should consider this as a flexible and adaptable alternative for renovations.

7. Pastel-ize your Kitchen Appliances

Without a wide variety of kitchen equipment, a contemporary kitchen would be lacking. Kitchen equipment, from mixers to ovens, has come a long way in usefulness and design.

Unlike earlier models, which came in just three colors: white, black, and beige, today’s devices come in almost every color you can imagine. The visual attractiveness of pastel equipment in your kitchen serves as an incentive to try new recipes.

To help raise awareness about breast cancer, many household appliance manufacturers now provide pastel pink kitchenware. Investing in such gadgets will allow you to modernize your kitchen and give it a fresh look.

8. Add Pastels to Wooden Interiors

Natural elements like wood paneling, rattan, seagrass, and hardwood flooring go well with any hue of pastel. Pastel colors look great when your home is decorated with lighter woods such as white cedar, bamboo, or oak.

Pastels will be seen in many home decor products such as rugs, curtains, and couches. Red cherry wood pairs well with peach or pink-hued decor for individuals who want a more striking appearance.

To create an exquisite appearance, pair mahogany or dark brown stains with pale shades of green, yellow, or blue. The main reason organic businesses choose pastel colors to represent the earth and its raw components is that pastels go well with wood and other eco-friendly materials.

Wrapping Up

Most individuals spend a significant portion of their waking hours at home. The use of a pastel color scheme relieves stress and tiredness while also being calming to the eyes. Having something to look forward to after a long day at work is a great benefit. Pale colors let you stand out from the crowd and make a statement.


There’s a lot of opportunity for creativity when you ditch the boring neutral flat hues. You’ll be able to bring a sense of coziness into your home with this warm color scheme. As you utilize pastels to brighten your home, we hope this article has helped you attain the look you’ve always wanted.