8 Mommy-Daughter Day Ideas on a Budget

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Between school, work, and day-to-day responsibilities, it can sometimes be difficult to schedule in quality mommy daughter time together. Fun, quality time is so important to maintain and strengthen your bond, but sometimes it may be challenging to come up with fun activities when the budget is a bit tight. Fortunately, having a great mommy daughter day doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are so many fun things you can do with your daughter that are easy on the wallet and some you can even do at home. Here are 8 mommy daughter day ideas that are inexpensive, simple, and fun for both of you. 

1 At Home Spa Day

Of course you can book an appointment at your local salon for manis and pedis for you and your mini me, but you can easily have a spa day at home too! Don a simple DIY facemask — yogurt blended with cucumber is so refreshing and gentle enough for kids. Then get an at-home dip nail kit like these from SNS Nails to create fun manicures at home. Veg out in your bathrobes with some cucumber water and a good chick flick. 

2 Picnic in the Park

If the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than having an outdoor picnic in a park or at the beach if you’re lucky enough to live on the coast. Pack up a blanket, sandwiches and snacks, a thermos of homemade lemonade, and some fun board games or cards for a fun picnic with your daughter. It’s the perfect opportunity to have a good chat and some laughs together. 

3 Day at the Museum

A day at a museum is a great rainy day activity to do with your daughter. Check out the museums in your area for their current exhibitions that may be of interest to you and your mini. See if there are any interactive museums or exhibits, which are perfect for the little ones. Museums are great activities to do with your kids because not only are they fun, but it’s a great way to learn something new together, and they are usually inexpensive. Many museums offer a discounted rate or may even be free for children or students. 

4 Baking Day

Baking a sweet treat with your daughter is a great activity to do, and it’s likely you may have most of the items you’ll need already in your pantry. Cupcakes, cookies, cakes — whatever yummy dessert you prefer. Prepare the recipe instructions and let your daughter mix everything up. You can even take it up a notch and create a fun decorating station for your daughter to get her creative juices flowing. 

5 DIY Tie Dye 

It’s best to do this activity outside so you don’t stain anything in your home. Pick up some dyes from the local craft store or you can even make your own vegetable dyes with things you have at home. Have a look for your wardrobe for old white clothing or dingy sheets and towels you no longer wear or use. These will make the perfect canvas for your DIY tie dye. Simply follow the instructions for your dye kit and create patterns on the clothing of your choice with rubber bands. This is the perfect activity for you and your daughter to get creative!

6 Dance Party

An at home dance party can be incredibly fun, will cost you nothing, and it’s a great way to get some exercise. Create a playlist together of some fun songs that you both can dance to — don’t forget to throw in some nostalgic tunes from your childhood. Dim the lights, move the furniture around to create a dance floor, and get your bodies moving. 

7 Volunteer Together

Volunteering for a local charity together is a great way to instil values in your daughter and get her involved in the community. Choose a charity that interests her so she’ll look forward to it and possibly want to stick with it in the future. For example, if she loves animals, a local animal shelter would be a great charity to volunteer at that she will thoroughly enjoy.

8 Go Hiking

A great way to spend quality time together is by getting active in nature. Discover a new trail, go for a walk in your neighborhood park, walk on the beach, hike a mountain — get outside, get that blood flowing, and create a healthy lifestyle together.