A Complete Guide on Korean Makeup and Why Is It So famous?

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SeSpring – Korean Skincare Explained

If you are looking for the reason why Korean Makeup has created a buzz in the makeup industry, well you have stumbled upon the right article. In this blog, we have tried to cover everything to satiate your curiosity around this subject. Without further ado, let us get started.

What makes Korean Skin Care Different?

The distinguishing fact about Korean skincare is the philosophy that it is rooted in. The Korean skincare philosophy is pivoted to improving your skin’s natural ecosystem rather than using a thousand different chemical products on it. 


It advocates maintaining healthy skin through cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, and protecting the skin against pollutants and other impurities. 


It believes in the ‘Prevention is better than cure’ principle and hence, the Korean skincare industry mostly markets products that help to improve and retain the quality of the skin rather than corrective creams and serums that are composed of chemicals. 


It believes in repairing the skin inside out for a longer-lasting effect. The ingredients used in the cosmetics are generally natural and harsh free to give a natural glow to the skin. 


Korean Skincare Vs. American Skincare

The major underlying difference between Korean and American skincare is that the former believes in repairing while the latter would rather scrape the damaged part. Korean skincare approach is more gentle and rooted in creating a longer-lasting impact on the skin rather than fixing it for an occasion like in the American style.


While the American style focuses more on covering the flaws in the skin through cosmetics, Korean skincare works toward adding back the nutrients that are missing from the skin. It is more skincare oriented than makeup oriented.


Another difference between Korean and American skincare is that Korean skincare products are cheaper compared to American due to the cheaper manufacturing cost. Another reason is the competition to provide the best product at the cheapest price.


Now having discussed the buzz around Korean skincare and how is it different from the American style, let us now quickly get to the steps of modern-day Korean skincare. 


1. Cleansing

Like the other skincare routines across the globe, the first step of Korean skincare is cleansing. However, the difference is that they use a two-step cleansing method for better results. 


First, they clean the face with an oil-based cleanser to remove sticky impurities followed by washing with a water-based face wash to wash off remaining impurities left behind by the oil-based cleanser.

2. Exfoliation

The next step is removing the dead skin with the help of natural exfoliators. It can be in the form of scrub, mask, peel, or pads. It is usually done once or twice a week based on the skin type and exposure to pollutants.


3. Toning

The third and very important step of Korean skincare is toning. It balances the pH level of the skin and prepares it for the next products. It also hydrates the skin which is very important for glowing skin.


4. Essence

This step is unique to the Korean skincare regime. In this step, the naturally prepared essence is applied to the skin. You can think of the essence as something between the toner and serum. It is prepared with fermented ingredients and keeps the skin hydrated.

5. Treatment

Treatments are skincare products that are designed to address a specific skin issue such as wrinkles, pigmentation, rashes, patchy skin etc. Depending upon the cause for which it is used, the treatment product is made with concentrated ingredients to cure that problem. 

6. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are an alternative to the traditional serum massage. These synthetic masks are dipped in serum and then applied to the face for about 20 minutes. It provides the skin with an instant boost of effective ingredients and let the skin relax for some time. 


7. Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive skin on the face and hence demands special care. Eye cream helps to address the issues of dark skin, puffy skin, and fine lines around the eyes.


8. Moisturizer

It seals all the other previously applied products on the skin. A moisturizer adds hydration to the skin and makes it soft and supple.


9. Sun Protection

It is the final and also one of the most important steps in Korean skincare. Korean people religiously wear sun protection to prevent their skin from getting damaged from the sun.  


Your Takeaway

While these steps are effective for most skin types, the product that you use should depend upon your skin type. Although the number of steps in this routine may look overwhelming, when you actually start to work through it, it will come off as really easy.