How Do You Keep An Indoor Water Feature Clean?

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Maintaining a water feature properly will extend the life of your investment and guarantee that you get the most out of it. You need to maintain your water fountain regularly regardless of whether it is indoor or outdoor. Maintaining the cleanliness of any water feature is vital to keep it in top condition and would last for years.


Besides checking the pumps and changing the water, doing a heavy cleaning once or twice a month is also part of the maintenance. This should include cleaning the pump, scrubbing the surface, removing the debris, and many more. If you want to know cleaning tips for indoor water wall fountains, then you may be in for a pleasant surprise. To give your indoor water fountain a fresh new design, here are seven simple methods.


1. Your water fountain should be turned off and disconnected from its power source.


This first step is practically an essential step you should follow if you don’t want to get electrocuted when you clean your indoor water feature. 


2. Your water feature should be free of any ornamentation at all.


To prevent algae growth, stones, pebbles, and other debris must be removed and cleaned.


3. It’s time to get rid of your water fountain pump.


To keep it clear of debris and obstructions, you should clean your pump every three months. Remove the pump by following the instructions in your fountain’s owner’s handbook or contacting the manufacturer directly. Let it sit in a mixture of water and vinegar for a few hours. In the owner’s manual, follow the instructions to rinse and reattach.


4. Empty the fountain’s water supply.


According to the fountain’s size, a shop vacuum or a small pump may be used to remove water from it.


5. Take care of the fountain and all of its parts.


Do not use a sponge or cloth that is too abrasive for the fountain’s operating parts and inside. Clean the fountain, pump, and stones with warm water and mild liquid detergent, or use a professional calcium lime removal product to remove the calcium from the stones.


You can use distilled white vinegar to clean the fountain’s inside parts and hard-to-reach locations with a sponge instead of harsh chemicals. Make sure the fountain interior and features are arid and free of any remaining cleaning liquid.


6. Replace the pump and stones in your fountain.


The fountain should be refilled with clean fresh water. Fill your fountain with bottled water or tap water from the kitchen sink. When refilling a fountain, you can either use a bucket to bring water from the sink to the fountain or fill it from the sink.


7. Turn on the power to your indoor fountain by plugging it in.


Ensure the pump is fully replaced and that the fountain is working properly by checking it out for a few minutes.


Indoor water features are a wonderful alternative for beautifying your home. Beautiful to look at, they add a lively, new feel to the room. As with other fixtures, fountains require regular cleaning and upkeep. The cleanliness of your indoor water feature can be ensured by following these simple guidelines.