How social media has changed the true meaning of weddings

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Social media has changed the way we communicate, think and interact with each other in many different social settings. Weddings are one of these social events where pressure to ensure that your special day can be shared, liked and commented on by not only your guests but their followers is stressful and anxiety inducing.


The ideal wedding of the social media era is a stark comparison to even a few years ago. The pressure on the bride and groom to be perfect is an unrealistic expectation and standard that social media is promoting. This kind of culture affects the cost of the engagement, wedding, the planning and overall experience for the bride, groom and guests.


However, there are also positives that come along with social media usage at weddings including connectivity to those worldwide, swift communication for guests and constantly accessible inspiration for planning. Whether you want to be connected or disconnected from social media on your special day, you should be aware of the pros and cons of such technology. 

Online Inspiration Is Everywhere For Planning

One of the biggest benefits of social media in regards to weddings is the planning and inspiration for making a wedding extremely grand and unique. The wedding planning experience requires imagination and creativity, but without some kind inspiration from sites like pinterest or instagram you could be staring at a blank canvas for hours.


There are alternatives to social media inspiration like wedding expos and fashion shows but there isn’t anything better than seeing a beautiful wedding experience through the eyes of someone else first hand. It’s also a great time saver to scroll through hundreds of dresses rather than sift through a few at a store.


If expos and social media aren’t your thing then you could even get some inspiration from reality TV star weddings like Married At First Sight or the Bachelor. These television programs will also upload pictures of their marvelous suits and dresses for all to see, the options are endless for brides and grooms today!


Everyone Is Constantly Sharing

It is almost impossible for an excited bride and groom not to share their engagement via social media these days. Pictures of matching women’s and men’s wedding bands garner extreme popularity on social media just adding to the excitement.


It has become common for brides and grooms to also share their complete planning phase with their followings as well. Every stage of a wedding has become fair play for sharing, reviewing and commenting for friends and followers to get a glimpse into the life and event of marriage.

Accessibility Is Worldwide

There are always some family members, friends or colleagues who won’t be able to attend a wedding due to other commitments or long distance. However, social media has bridged the gap between nations and timezones for people who can’t physically attend weddings with livestreams and sharing! 


Live streamed weddings are becoming an ever popular way of including those who couldn’t make the physical ceremony while still giving guests the full experience. If the internet quality isn’t great or the technology you have doesn’t have the best specs you can always rely on others to share your special day with those who couldn’t be there.


However, be careful of sharing such live streams, posts or videos with those who you didn’t care to invite to your special day. They could feel left out, mad or even angry that they didn’t make the guest list so just be weary.

Who Needs A Wedding Photographer These Days!

The last thing a bride or groom wants to be thinking about is what their next instagram or facebook post will be while trying to enjoy their wedding festivities. One of the best parts about social media is that everyone is your own personal professional photographer!


Most couples like to stay completely disconnected from social media during their wedding to be fully present in the celebration while their guests share their experiences. Of course, a professional photographer is always an additional bonus if you haven’t got anyone around who can properly work an iPhone camera, the choice is yours.


Unrealistic Expectations

One of the most nasty parts of the age of social media is the expectation that all weddings must be perfect, instagrammable and with no hiccups along the way. This can lead to stressful encounters for brides and grooms as they hope and pray that nothing goes wrong during their special day that will be recorded for years to come.


If the idea of social media is becoming too much, some couples decide to opt for a social media or technology free wedding. Disconnecting from the online world creates a much more intimate space for the couple and for the guests involved in their special day.

Great Memories To Be Had

All in all, social media is intended to share special moments with family, friends and loved ones and by using such technology, there can be great memories captured for years to come.