A Guide to Economical Online Shopping

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In the past year, online shopping has increased, and as wonderful as it is, the ability to shop with the click of a button can be a money sink. I buy everything varying from groceries to my glasses online. However, it often causes me to end up spending more than I planned to as it is easy to get carried away and click “add to cart” on every item that takes your fancy. Here are some tips to shop smarter and avoid getting short changed.

  1. Set a Budget and Make a list

Before opening your laptop, grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the items you need. This will help make your shopping more intentional and prevent you from impulsively buying the cute top you saw on Zara. With a budget already decided, note down your shopping list, and when shopping stick to this list to prevent impulse buying.

  1. Look for Sales all Year Long

Shopping at the right time can save you tons of money, take advantage of ‘Back to School’ and ‘Labour Day’ Sales. Besides the obvious holidays’, retailers offer discounts year-round, at the start of the year in January buy bedding, electronics and fitness equipment. Although February is the month of love, it is prime time to buy that new television at a low price and do a little winter shopping as retailers are unloading inventory. 

The months of March and April are the best time to buy spring cleaning essentials and of course, Easter candy. In May, be sure to take advantage of Memorial Day sales and buy spring apparel that retailers are looking to take off the shelf.  As Summer begins, in the month of June, gyms are eager for new sign-ups, and you’re more likely to snag a good deal. 

Around this time Victoria Secret has their Semi-Annual Sale, so it’s the best time to buy some lingerie. As the temperature rises, prices of items such as apparel and electronics drop. As August rolls in look for the end-of-season clearance sales and feel free to stock up on swimsuits and back-to-school supplies. If you’re in need of a new iPhone, try to wait till September. The spookiest month of the year is the time to buy candy, jeans, and outdoor furniture.

In November enjoy Black Friday sales. Black Friday may have been a crazy time filled with heavy traffic, quick tempers and shoppers queued at the entrances. Nowadays it’s much easier to shop and avail cyber sales on electronics, home appliances, and tools. December, as Christmas draws close, stores host big sales on toys and Christmas decorations.

  1. Compare Prices

Not all retailers sell the same products at the same price, many times retailers like Target and Kogan would lower their prices in comparison to competitors. 

It is always beneficial to do your research before you start adding items to your cart, look into not only the sticker prices but also add in the shipping and coupons before making a comparison. Look into multiple sites and remember, expensive doesn’t always mean better.