Things You Should Know Before Buying a Kids Bike

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Buying a kids bike can be a major purchase – both in terms of sentimental value and the amount of time and money that you will be investing into the purchase. The process can be exciting, which is why there are chances that you might end up with the wrong bike during your excitement. 

A bike can be a major gift for your kid as well, as it will be one of the first few things that they will be navigating by themselves in life. You would want the bike to be easy to ride and something that they can enjoy. 

In this article, we mention a few things you should know before you buy a bike for your kids. Remember these tips and get your kids a bike worth the investment and effort. 

Bikes can be Difficult to Manoeuvre 

Kids’ bikes can be difficult to manoeuvre, especially since it is the first vehicle that your kid will be navigating. Children tend to be really finicky around their bikes, which is why you should make sure that the frame is suitable for their size and strength levels. An aluminium frame is lighter than a steel frame, which is why we suggest you go for the former. 

Other than the frame, you should also consider the design of the bike in your purchase. A bike with a low step-through frame should be ideal for mounting and getting out of. Smaller children would ideally like a balance bike or a bike with a low step-through frame. Such bikes will make riding an easy experience for them, without the awkward falls and scrapes of a difficult bike. 

Should be Sturdy (Not Heavy) 

Your child’s bike will most likely be thrown to the ground when it is time for your kid to run to dinner. It will also be mishandled on the roads as your kid learns how to drive. Knowing the rough use that is most likely on the cards, the bike should be sturdy and should be relatively easy to handle. 

Now, most parents confuse a sturdy bike with a heavy bike and end up buying the wrong one. Sturdy doesn’t necessarily mean heavy, which is why you should gauge the sturdiness through metrics other than just the weight. The bike should be well-made and should have quality construction. You can read reviews online from other buyers to see which bikes offer the best sturdiness. 

Good Brakes 

Kids bikes should have decent brakes on them to offer good braking power. Brake levers tend to come in different sizes, which is why you should be particular about what to buy. Some of the kids’ bikes you see around you today come with adult levers, which might get difficult for them to operate. 

The bike you buy should have easy to use brakes, which should be ideal for your kid to apply. Most of the smaller bikes around today have coaster brakes, which we feel are ideal for a small kid. The coaster brakes can even be applied by pedalling backwards. Coaster brakes are easy to apply and have a good feel to them. 

Accidents do Happen 

You need to know that accidents will happen once your kid is learning how to ride a bike. Since the process requires balance and expert handling, there will be a few tumbles and falls before your kid can expertly drive the bike around the neighbourhood. 

You should be prepared for accidents and should keep a lightweight bike in mind for your kid. Don’t go too heavy on the purchase and opt for sturdiness rather than weight. 

Look for Colours

Kids absolutely adore colours, which is why you should go for a bike frame and design that includes the colours your kid loves. The colours and design on the bike will determine the first impression your kid has of it, which is why you should try to leave a decent first impression. 

Know Your Budget 

Finally, you should know the budget that you are operating in. You wouldn’t want to break your bank for a bike, which is why you should know how much you can spend from the word go. 

Remember that you might need to buy a few accessories like safety equipment as well alongside the bike, so keep room up for that. 

The entire experience of buying a bike for your little one can be exciting and exhilarating. You can either get lost in the fun of it or remain stable and see the tips here to find a good fit. Good luck with the purchase and happy shopping.